Master of Resurrection

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Master of Resurrection
Master of Resurrection.jpg
Affiliation Zaishen Order
Type Human
Level(s) 20
Campaign Core

The Masters of Resurrection are Zaishen master who give information about death, resurrection, and death penalty. They stand alongside resurrection shrines.



"Greetings young one. Before we speak further, I give you this gift of knowledge: win or lose, respect your opponents, for you may learn greater skill or gain greater allies if you impress them. How may I help you?"
⇒ Tell me about life and death.
"Your life is measured by the red and blue bars viewable near the bottom of your default screen. The red bar represents your Health, and the blue bar represents your Energy, which powers many skills and spells."
"When your Health reaches zero, your character dies. You will then either need to wait to be resurrected, or use the map to travel back to an outpost. When your Energy reaches zero, you will be unable to cast spells or skills that have Energy costs until you have regained the required Energy. Note that different professions regain Energy at different speeds."
"Your Health naturally regenerates once you are out of fight. Thus, if your Health dropped dangerously low, it is advisable to attempt to move out of the fight for a short time."
⇒ Let's talk about something else.
⇒ Tell me about resurrection.
"Many areas of combat have resurrection shrines like this one. Some of these shrines are manned by priests, while others will resurrect you automatically. You may also be resurrected on the field by allies using a skill or resurrection signet."
"A final word of advice on this matter. Never assume a team is defeated unless all of the teammates have been eliminated, for there are powerful skills that can take advantage of dead teammates and turn the tide of battle."
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⇒ Tell me about death penalties.
"Although you can be resurrected, death is not without its penalties. Each time you die, you suffer a 15% cumulative death penalty to your maximum Health and Energy, up to a maximum of 60%. Be warned: unmanned shrines will not revive you once you have reached 60%."
"Thankfully, you can work of your death penalty. For each PvP kill that your team makes, even while you are dead, 2% of your death penalty is removed. You can also earn morale boosts in some matches, which lower your death penalty. All death penalties are canceled when you leave the battle and travel to an outpost, but you will be unable to resume this battle once you have done so."
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  • The Masters of Resurrection are immune to disease.