Master of Bows

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Master of Bows
Master of Bows.jpg
Affiliation Zaishen Order
Type Human
Level(s) 20
Campaign Core

The Master of Bows is a Zaishen master who teaches you about bow types, line of sight, and height advantages. She is surrounded by a Short Bow Target, Recurve Target, Longbow Target and Practice Targets which players can use to test bow ranges. The hill behind her also allows players to experiment with height advantages and disadvantages.



"Good day, young one. You were wise to seek me out. Archery is an art form that is highly misunderstood and underrated, but a master archer is a valuable ally in any party. Remember: foes who cannot reach you cannot harm you."
⇒ Tell me about different types of bows.
"There are five types of bows, and they all have different advantages and disadvantages.
-The Longbow has a medium attack speed, long range, and medium accuracy.
-The Flatbow has a fast attack speed, long range, but poor accuracy.
-The Horn Bow has a slow attack speed, medium range, medium accuracy, and 10% armor penetration.
-The Recurve Bow has a medium attack speed, medium range, and good accuracy.
-The Shortbow has a quick attack speed, short range, and good accuracy."
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⇒ Tell me about line of sight.
"Line of sight can block your arrows. Wise opponents know this and hide behind rocks, walls, and other obstacles, and so an archer must always be ready to move or change targets. Beware: most spells do not have this same line-so-sight limitation. Casters can still hit you with their spells, even through walls."
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⇒ Tell me about height advantages.
"Your height relative to your opponent affects how far you can shoot an arrow with your bow and the damage you will do. Higher ground grants you a range bonus as well as a damage bonus.
You may climb the hill behind me to experience this for yourself. If you shoot from the foot of the hill, you will notice that your range to the target at the top is much shorter and your damage is lower."
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No I'll be on my way.