Master of Blocking

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Master of Blocking
Canthan ranger m trainer.jpg
Affiliation Zaishen Order
Type Human
Level(s) 20
Campaign Core

The Master of Blocking is a Zaishen master who gives information about body blocking and how to counter it. Two Guard of the Isles assist him in demonstrating blocking on the bridge.



"Welcome student. You come seeking to learn how you might control your foe's movement? Well then, here is your first lesson. There are two constants: what a man can do, and what a man cannot do. A foe that cannot do what he wants may do what you want. Now, how may I help you?"
⇒ Tell me about "body blocking."
"Every character may be a wall, or a door. A character may block you, or move aside and let you pass. The same is true for your own movements. Watch my guard, for example, he may prevent you from crossing the bridge. Or he may turn around and let you pass."
"You may also find that running very near to your allies can block foes who are trying to get to you. Be warned, however, that when saving your self in this manner, your allies may suffer for it."
⇒ Let's talk about something else.
⇒ Tell me how to defeat blocking.
"There are two ways to deal with blocking: step aside as the river does for the rock, or shatter the "rock" like a bolt of figurative lightning. I am sure you shall find Magic and Swords to be excellent tools for accomplishing the latter. Dead men cannot build walls."
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