Vanguard Rescue: Footman Tate

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Vanguard Rescue: Footman Tate
Section Ascalon Quests
Campaign Prophecies

(Tyrian only)

Given by Lieutenant Langmar
in Pre-Searing Ascalon City
(Ascalon (pre-Searing))
Type Secondary quest Rotating quest
Vanguard Rescue Footman Tate map.jpg
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Quest information[edit]









NPC levels[edit]

The levels of the NPCs for this quest are determined by the least leveled party member when the Northlands are entered:

Party level Charr Tate
10...13 8 5
14...16 11 10
17...20 15 15


Initial dialogue[edit]

Lieutenant Langmar
"I knew that greenhorn couldn't handle a foray into the Northlands! Footman Tate insisted he was ready to kill some Charr, so we allowed him to go along, but at the first sign of combat he vanished into the woods. We found a bit of blood where we last saw him, so chances are he is wounded as well as cowardly. That does not bode well for someone stuck behind enemy lines, especially when the Charr are involved!
If you feel you can fare better than he did, please head to the Northlands, find that poor fool, and bring him back to this side of the Great wall. You will need someone else to go with you, though. We don't let anyone travel alone north of the Wall."
Yes Accept: "Leave no man behind! I'll find him."
No Decline: "He deserves a coward's death!"

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Footman Tate: "Over here! Please take me back to the other side of the Wall where I will be safe!"
Footman Tate: "By the gods, we made it! The beasts won't be able to get us on the other side of the Wall!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Lieutenant Langmar
"I am glad you found him. Hopefully, your bravery will serve as an example for him, and we won't have to go sending people after him ever again."


  • The new Charr spawn in pairs; whereas the native Charr are almost always in groups of 4.
  • Footman Tate activates as an ally when you get close, and will follow you thereafter.
  • If Footman Tate spawns inside or close to a group of Charr, be careful when approaching. When you get close he will automatically become an ally and the Charr will attack him. At lower levels, they can quickly kill him causing the quest to fail.
  • This quest spawns a total of 30 high level charr. This is ideal for farming for Legendary Defender of Ascalon.
    • Try combining with Vanguard Annihilation: Charr for additional foes (requires a party member with that quest active).
    • If you do not care about the Survivor title or alternatively have a second account with a high level character in pre-Searing, you can rezone a bit faster than map traveling to Ascalon City. To do so you need to let yourself get killed by a nearby charr group at the end of the run so that you can get resurrected at the entrance of the area. If using a second account, simply team with the other account's character to rezone.