Footman Tate

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Footman Tate
Ascalon Guard m clean.jpgAscalon guard m.jpg
Affiliation Ascalon Army
Type Human
Profession Warrior Warrior
Level(s) 5, 10, 15
5 (?)
Campaign Prophecies

Footman Tate is an NPC found in The Northlands during the quest Vanguard Rescue: Footman Tate, and in the Eastern Frontier during the quest Frontier Gate Fugitives.



Ascalon pre-Searing[edit]



During Vanguard Rescue: Footman Tate

"What do you want? Are you staring at me? You want some of this? Do you?"


  • In pre-Searing Ascalon Footman Tate's level is dependent on the level of the player character, but he does not wield any weapon and is unable to attack.