Admiral Kantoh (Zaishen quest)

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Admiral Kantoh
Admiral Kantoh.jpg
Section Zaishen Bounty Quests
Campaign Core
Given by Zaishen Bounty
in Great Temple of Balthazar
Type Secondary quest Rotating quest
Admiral Kantoh map.jpg
Location in Jahai Bluffs

Kill Admiral Kantoh.

Quest information[edit]




Leave from the Sunspear Sanctuary, through the Command Post into Jahai Bluffs. From there keep going east until you reach the Fortress of Jahai. There are a large number of foes within the fort so it is advised to bring a longbow for pulling. Also area of effect skills are of great use. Skills like Panic, Spiteful Spirit, and Searing Flames can greatly help turn the odds. A minion master is also valuable in taking advantage of the number of corpses, but be careful as they can overaggro. The boss is at the very top of the fort and should not be too much of a problem if your party makes it to him without much difficulty. Speed tip: It is not necessary to fight all the Kournan foe and go to the top of the hill, if you aggro the Admiral from outside the fort - before crossing the bridge. Killing him is possible with skills that will ignore walls. This can avoid 6 or 7 mobs of Kournan.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Zaishen Bounty
"Kill Admiral Kantoh in the Fortress of Jahai."
Yes Accept: "I can do that!"
No Decline: "No, I'm way too busy today."
Ask Ask: "This despicable villain still stalks the land, preying on the innocent. Heroes who are up to the challenge should seek this fiend out, taking blood as payment for a life of atrocious deeds."

Reward dialogue[edit]

"Excellent work! The Zaishen admire your dedication."