The Elusive Golemancer (Zaishen quest)

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The Elusive Golemancer
Section Zaishen Mission Quests
Campaign Core
Given by Zaishen Mission
in Great Temple of Balthazar
Type Secondary quest Rotating quest
The Elusive Golemancer map.jpg
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Complete The Elusive Golemancer.

Quest information[edit]




As per The Elusive Golemancer quest.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Zaishen Mission
"Vekk is seeking clever humans as krewe recruiters. Handsome rewards for any human who can recruit the elusive golemancer Oola to the krewe. Talk to Blimm in Magus Stones for information on how to find her."
Yes Accept: "I can do that!"
No Decline: "No, I'm way too busy today."
Ask Ask: "The battle rages on! All able-bodied heroes should hasten to defend those bravely protecting Tyria."

Reward dialogue[edit]

"Excellent work! The Zaishen admire your dedication."


  • Although the objectives states this as a mission, it is actually a primary quest.
  • The mission objectives say the laboratory is to the south of Rata Sum. It is actually to the west.