Vanguard Rescue: Save the Ascalonian Noble

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Vanguard Rescue: Save the Ascalonian Noble
Section Ascalon Quests
Campaign Prophecies

(Tyrian only)

Given by Lieutenant Langmar
in Pre-Searing Ascalon City
(Ascalon (pre-Searing))
Type Secondary quest Rotating quest
Catacombs Gaban.png
Warrior icons indicate Duke Gaban's possible locations.

Quest information[edit]









NPC Levels[edit]

The levels of the NPCs for this quest are determined by the least leveled party member when the Catacombs are entered:

Party level Foes Gaban
10...13 8 5
14...16 11 10
17...20 15 15


Initial dialogue[edit]

Lieutenant Langmar
"I swear, one day those Devourers are going to be the death of Duke Gaban! Some rumor convinced him that there is an even bigger Devourer nest hidden within the Catacombs below Ashford Abbey, and that egg-obsessed fool actually went down there looking for it! Now we need to waste our limited resources to go on a rescue mission. Say, you don't look too busy; how would you like to go find the poor duke before something down there decides to eat him for breakfast?"
Yes Accept: "I will start the search immediately."
No Decline: "You know, I think he sort of has this coming."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Duke Gaban: "The nest was a lie! Now, if you don't mind, I'm quite done lurking amongst the undead and would appreciate a guide to the surface."
Duke Gaban: "Ah, good, we made it. I wouldn't want to go out like a fool or anything..."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Lieutenant Langmar
"Hopefully, Duke Gaban realizes there are more important things in this world than his precious omelets. You did well out there. The Vanguard thanks you!"


  • Duke Gaban will not fight.
  • Duke Gaban can be escorted to any of the exits of the Catacombs. You are not required to escort him to the specific entrance you entered the catacombs in order to complete quest.
  • Two groups of foes can be lured into the Flame Geysers.


  • Langmar's comment, "I swear, one day those Devourers are going to be the death of Duke Gaban!" foreshadows the Duke's untimely end.
  • Duke Gaban's phrase, "The nest was a lie!" is similar to the line, "The cake is a lie", from Portal.