Undead Illusionist

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Undead Illusionist
Skeleton warrior.jpg
Affiliation Vanguard foes
Type Skeleton
Profession Mesmer Mesmer
Level(s) 8, 11, 15
Campaign Prophecies

Undead Illusionists can be found scattered throughout the Catacombs in small groups while either the quest Save the Ascalonian Noble, or Undead is active. They are often accompanied by Restless Corpses.



Level 8: 5 Illusion Magic
Level 11: 10 Illusion Magic
Level 15: 13 Illusion Magic


Anomaly Anomaly.These foes are hostile to Raging Cadavers and non-Vanguard Restless Corpses that are found in the Catacombs, despite the apparent similarity in creature type.