"I Will Avenge You" Warriors

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"I Will Avenge You" Warrior

This team consists entirely of Warrior/Ranger characters with pets. They use the skill "I Will Avenge You" to gain-long lasting attack speed and Health regeneration when their pets or party members die.

— in-game description

The "I Will Avenge You" Warriors is one of the teams that can be found in Zaishen Challenge and Zaishen Elite. Each NPC on the team has the same skill bar. When they come into range, they will shoot once with a bow and then switch to axe to attack. As soon as a pet or party member dies, they will continuously use "I Will Avenge You!" They generally won't focus their attacks on one target, unless a target is low on health.


  • In Zaishen Challenge, the team will randomly have four of these names:
    • Amar of the Zaishen
    • Evan of the Zaishen
    • Iziuh of the Zaishen
    • Lee of the Zaishen
    • Meleth of the Zaishen
    • Obena of the Zaishen
    • Sergi of the Zaishen
    • Tuan of the Zaishen
  • In Zaishen Elite, one NPC is named Iziuh of the Zaishen, and the rest are named "Zaishen Warrior".


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Keep in mind, as they run at you they will first shoot with a bow, causing their pet wolves to attack first. This is a general tactic they mimic off human players. They use their pets to attack first, thinking they will die first (which is usually the case) which then in turn fuels their "I Will Avenge You" skill, making them not only a deadlier force, but almost impossible to kill without heavy spike damage. Solutions include simply overpowering their healing, preventing I Will Avenge You! (with skills such as Vocal Minority or Well of Silence) or blacking out their skills by killing their pets in time with a mini-spike, preventing healing.


Bug Bug.In the D'Alessio Arena, if you stand against the back side of the frontmost pillar on the right, this group will not engage you if you have yet to engage them. They will clump together and do nothing, which makes them really easy to take out using an AoE damage spike. For this to work you must enter alone.


  • This team is based on a popular 8-man HA team build consisting mainly of W/R's with low-level pets that die easily, fueling "I Will Avenge You!".
  • Iziuh of the Zaishen is named after Isaiah Cartwright (source).