"Victory Is Mine" Trappers

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"Victory Is Mine" Trapper

This full team of Ranger/Warriors closes to short range and uses Stances to protect itself while laying many Traps around the enemy. The Warrior elite skill "Victory Is Mine" provides excellent Energy and Health recovery so long as the enemy is suffering from Conditions.

— in-game description

The "Victory Is Mine" Trappers is one of the teams that can be found in Zaishen Challenge and Zaishen Elite. Each NPC on the team has the same skill bar. They will move in adjacent range and lay traps while using Whirling Defense to prevent interruption from attacks. When any trap goes off, they will use "Victory Is Mine!". While the traps are recharging, they will wand attack.


  • In Zaishen Challenge, the team will randomly have four of these names:
    • Brianna of the Zaishen
    • Dianne of the Zaishen
    • Eliane of the Zaishen
    • Embith of the Zaishen
    • Monica of the Zaishen
    • Nikola of the Zaishen
    • Serena of the Zaishen
    • Valaria of the Zaishen
  • In Zaishen Elite, each NPC is named "Zaishen Ranger".


15 Wilderness Survival

User That Sounds Risky SkillBar1.png
User That Sounds Risky SkillBar2.png
Barbed Trap.jpg
User That Sounds Risky Frame.png
Dust Trap.jpg
User That Sounds Risky Frame.png
Flame Trap.jpg
User That Sounds Risky Frame.png
Healing Spring.jpg
User That Sounds Risky Frame.png
Troll Unguent.jpg
User That Sounds Risky Frame.png
"Victory Is Mine!".jpgElite
User That Sounds Risky Elite.png
Whirling Defense.jpg
User That Sounds Risky Frame.png
Resurrection Signet.jpg
User That Sounds Risky Frame.png
User That Sounds Risky SkillBar3.png
User That Sounds Risky SkillBar4.png


A team of trappers can easily destroy "Victory Is Mine!" trappers. Since the rangers rely on traps, as long as you have 1 person with a spammable skill that cannot be blocked for each of the 4 rangers, your party should be able to win.

Alternatively, ending Whirling Defense with skills like Wild Blow, Wild Strike or Wild Throw limits their defense greatly. It is advised however that you also bring some interrupt skills to prevent their trap skills and to disable their Troll Unguent. Once they have no means of defense, simply wanding can overpower them.