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Mad King Thorn

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Mad King Thorn
Mad King Thorn.jpg
Affiliation Not specified
Type Ghost
Profession Warrior Warrior
Level(s) 28, 30
Campaigns Prophecies
"Mad King Thorn" concept art.jpg
Concept art by Katy Hargrove.

Mad King Oswald Thorn is a former king of Kryta, known for his jokes and his insanity. He had an older brother, Prince Ewan Thorn, and even as a child loved to play cruel pranks on others, including feeding peppers to animals. He was often protected by Ewan, who defended him against claims of Oswald's cruelty. During his childhood, Oswald Thorn left his friend, Samson, to die by a giant wurm, and when older tricked Ewan into a giant spider's web to be killed. Before being crowned, he used to play a game "Prince Oswald Says," which eventually became "Mad King Says." Shortly before ascending to the throne, he killed his father, and as he was crowned his first decree was immediate death to all traitors.

During his reign, Kryta suffered a severe famine while Thorn held exquisite banquets for his courtiers. This made him unpopular with the commoners, an effect he exacerbated by once having a number of villagers skinned alive. He traveled to Elona on multiple occasions and is said to have had "many squabbles over the years" with Palawa Joko, who was an "up-and-coming king in Elona" at the time. He hates the Tengu, Harpies, and Ettins, but fears termites. He once had a spat with Qwytzylkak.

Thorn was married eight times. His first wife was Lady Lyrica, a Krytan noble who originally liked Ewan, and married Thorn from promises of continuing Ewan's works. They married before he was crowned. His fifth bride, Zola, was an Istani princess that hailed from Vabbi and said to be his favorite wife, though she was burned alive. King Thorn convinced her to accept him by holding her father hostage while wearing a mask made of Mandragor shells. After Zola's death, her father Seamarshal Bennu began a war with Kryta which he lost.

His cruel and insane rule was ultimately brought to an end in 825 AE when an enraged mob stormed his castle. Many of his staff fled, leaving him to his death; he was killed with a carving knife. After his death, the mob is said to have been "very creative" with his corpse, having cut up the body. Afterwards, his palace and most of his possessions and courtiers were set ablaze.

As a spirit (referred to as a Spirit Lord), he lives in the Mad Realm within the Underworld and, because of a series of seals restricting him, he is able to return to Tyria for only one day each year: Halloween. The Lunatic Court are attempting to break the seals and bring Thorn back as an undead. The first seal was broken when Salma took the throne.

When Halloween approaches, Thorn's influence seeps through into Kamadan and Lion's Arch, transforming the citizens into assorted monsters. He is generally accompanied by Candy Corn servants.

Halloween finale[edit]

Mad King Thorn appears in the mushroom circle area in both Lion's Arch and Kamadan (since 2006) for the whole day on October 31st (PDT) for Halloween every 3 hours. Undead horsemen heralds routinely warn travelers of their master's impending arrival in both cities. When he arrives, he begins commanding people. If the players do what he wants - by using emotes - they receive Trick-or-Treat Bags (or different Halloween treats prior 2007). If they fail to comply, they die, but are resurrected before the next command. The game lasts for approximately 30 minutes and includes jokes, commands, rock-paper-scissors games, and a Simon says-like game at the end.





During the Halloween finale

See Halloween/Finale#Dialogue.

In Scarred Psyche
"As motivational as my words are, now is the time for action!"




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