Resurrection Orb Shrine

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Resurrection Orb Shrine
File:Resurrection Orb Shrine.jpg
Type Control point
Campaign Factions

A resurrection orb shrine is a control point found in the Alliance battle maps, Grenz Frontier and Etnaran Keys. Each shrine will spawn a Resurrection Orb every 30 seconds. The resurrection orb shrine resurrects players that have fallen on the battle field after 15 seconds, at the closest resurrection orb shrine or Resurrect Shrine. If the faction controls no resurrection orb or resurrection shrine, players will instead resurrect at the base. Resurrection shrines are guarded by Kurzick Army Monks or Luxon Army Monks.


Echovald Forest

The Jade Sea


  • Kurzick players will not be able to pick up the Resurrection Orb at a Luxon controlled shrine, and vice versa.