Resurrection Orb

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Resurrection Orb
Resurrection Orb.jpg
Drop skill Seed of Resurrection.jpg Seed of Resurrection
Single-use Yes
Campaign Core

Resurrection Orbs are bundles that will resurrect all allies within earshot with about 25% health when dropped.

Related skills[edit]


  • Since characters drop bundles when killed, a character carrying this bundle will resurrect quickly after being killed.
  • Dropping this bundle causes the Seed of Resurrection effect at the location it was dropped.
  • This bundle has two variants. The blue version can be found in Unwaking Waters and Grenz Frontier, while the red version can be found in Heroes' Ascent maps and Etnaran Keys. Both types are functionally identical.
  • This doesn't resurrect allied dead NPCs, except henchmen and heroes of your own party in Unwaking Waters.
  • "Drop the orb to resurrect allies in the area" appears in your chat window when your character picks up a Resurrection Orb.