Resurrection Orb

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Resurrection Orb
Resurrection Orb.jpg
Drop skill Seed of Resurrection.jpg Seed of Resurrection
Single-use Yes
Campaign Core

Resurrection Orbs are bundles that will resurrect all allies within earshot with about 25% health when dropped.


Related skills[edit]


  • Since characters drop bundles when killed, a character carrying this bundle will resurrect quickly after being killed.
  • Dropping this bundle causes the Seed of Resurrection effect at the location it was dropped.
  • This bundle has red and blue variants. Both types are functionally identical.
  • This doesn't resurrect allied dead NPCs, except henchmen and heroes of your own party in Unwaking Waters.
  • "Drop the orb to resurrect allies in the area" appears in your chat window when your character picks up a Resurrection Orb.