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"Halls skip" refers to taking advantage of the fact that the timer to enter the Hall of Heroes begins every 12 minutes in order to reach the Hall of Heroes without actually playing through Heroes' Ascent. Often, teams will either intentionally leave one member of the opposing party alive until the appropriate time, or, less commonly, intentionally kill the opposing team significantly slower than they are capable. By doing this, they can effectively end a game on a halls timer.

Timers occur every 12 minutes, so within any given hour there are 5 halls timers.


  • Because fame is awarded based on consecutive wins, halls skips are generally an inefficient way to earn fame.
  • Often, teams will attempt to get a halls timer so that they can gank another team out of the Hall of Heroes.
  • Occasionally, teams may get a halls skip merely by coincidence.
  • Leaving one member of the opposing team alive for the sake of a halls skip is generally looked down upon, especially because it wastes the time of the opposing party.
  • For the sake of avoiding being used for a halls skip, it is wise to always keep a Vampiric weapon in your inventory. This is especially useful when in a PuG group, which may not resign out of the game.
  • If the enemy Ghostly Hero is alive, he can also be used to kill oneself.