Four-Leaf Clover

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Four-Leaf Clover
Four-Leaf Clover.png
Rarity Common
Type Consumable
Value Can't be sold
Stackable Yes
Event Lucky Treats Week
Four-Leaf Clover.jpg

Uses remaining: 1
Double-click to remove a random amount of DP (5%-15%) from your entire party. If 15% DP is removed, you gain 4 points towards the Lucky title track. This item cannot be used in PvP.

— in-game description

Four-Leaf Clovers are a random item drop only available during the Lucky Treats Week.


  • Random drop from PvE foes during the Lucky Treats Week.
  • 10 Four-Leaf Clovers or 10 Shamrock Ales are awarded to each member of a winning team in Guild versus Guild during Lucky Treats Week. (To prevent exploitation, no rewards are offered if (a) the match ends after 28 minutes without either side killing a Guild Lord or (b) the battle ends in under 5 minutes, e.g. due to one team resigning or zoning.)


  • Since there is no Death Penalty in pre-Searing Ascalon, there is no functional use for them except to sell or have transferred into post-Searing Ascalon.

Other death-penalty removal items[edit]


  • This item's shape and function are based on the traditional significance of four-leaf clover.