Rekoff Broodmother

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Rekoff Broodmother
Rekoff Broodmother.jpg
Affiliation Tarnished Coast wildlife
Type Dinosaur (boss)
Profession Assassin Assassin
Level(s) 28 (30)
Campaign Eye of the North
Rekoff Broodmother map.jpg
Location in Riven Earth

Rekoff Broodmother is a Raptor boss that guards her many Raptor Nestlings.



15 Deadly Arts (20 Deadly Arts in Hard mode)

Items dropped[edit]


  • The Broodmother's cave is just south of the northern exit in Rata Sum. Not far from her spawn point, you can find a Jar of Invigoration; when dropped, it provides 30 energy to all nearby creatures.
  • The cave is filled with three large groups of level 15 Raptor Nestlings. Although they deal relatively little damage, they spam Disrupting Stab, preventing your team from using skills effectively. Rekoff herself deals large amounts of damage. Bring a team that can deal effectively with significant amounts of melee and bring interruption counter-tactics.
  • Since the cave is so close to Rata Sum, her group is used to farm Asura reputation points and festival trophy drops. The popularity of the farm also means that Claws of the Broodmother are very common and do not trade at a premium.