Jar of Invigoration

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Jar of Invigoration
Mending artifact.jpg
Drop skill Invigorating Mist.jpg Invigorating Mist
Single-use Yes
Campaign Eye of the North

Jar of Invigoration is a bundle that will give all adjacent creatures 30 energy when dropped.



  • This item spawns randomly when a player enters Riven Earth or Sparkfly Swamp. It can appear anywhere in the area, or may not even spawn at all.
  • This item will not transport through one explorable area to another.
  • This item always spawns near Rekoff Broodmother.
  • When held the three tips of the Jar of Invigoration will animate.
Anomaly Anomaly.Even though they are supposed to spawn at random locations, there are some places where it will always spawn.