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Affiliation Not specified
Type Asura
Level(s) 20
Campaign Eye of the North
Oggy map.jpg
Jezza's location from Alcazia Tangle.

Jezza is a young female Asura.



Before giving Oggy Taro Leaves:

"Oggy is certainly a little odd, yet there is something about him..."

After giving Oggy Taro Leaves:

"I told Oggy that he doesn't need those leaves to make me like him, but he's a little stubborn. He's so cute sometimes. I like the way he stares at me when he thinks I'm not looking."

After giving Oggy a Red Iris Flower:

"He may act dorky, but Oggy is so sweet sometimes. Just the other day he gave me the most beautiful flower. It wasn't even a special occasion! He said he found it and immediately thought of me. Made my heart swoon. Isn't it nice knowing that someone is thinking of you even when you're not around?"