Lady Glaive

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"Glave's Corsairs" concept art by Jaime Jones.

Lady Glaive was a Corsair leader. In 1016 AE, Lady Glaive's Corsair armada was defeated by Seamarshal Matoha in the final battle of the Second Great Corsair War. After this defeat, Lady Glaive sailed around Orrian waters in her ship, the Queen of Fools. Her crew took refuge in the Shards of Orr after a deal was made with King Zoran of Orr. First mate Fendi Nin made a deal with the king's advisor. This deal sealed the crew inside the Shards of Orr and bound their souls to Fendi's will.



  • In Guild Wars 2, there is a location called Chapel of Lady Glaive, which houses a coffin and a nameless undead female pirate, implying this could have been where Lady Glaive was buried.
  • A Glaive is a medieval polearm.