Drink from the Chalice of Corruption

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Take your drink from the Chalice of the Corruption.

Drink from the Chalice of Corruption
Section Kaineng City Quests
Campaign Factions
Given by Brother Tosai
in Wajjun Bazaar
(Kaineng City)
Preceded by Seek out Brother Tosai
Followed by Masters of Corruption
Type Secondary quest

Quest information[edit]


  • Allow Brother Tosai to finish his ritual.
  • See Brother Tosai for your reward.



Just speak with Brother Tosai after accepting the reward for the quest Seek out Brother Tosai, await his dialogue to finish, then collect the reward and the next quest in the series.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Brother Tosai

"Are you here to accept the truth of your own flesh? You can become so much more if you dare drink from the Chalice of Corruption...."
Tango-quest-icon.png "Drink from the Chalice of Corruption"
Tango-quest-icon.png "Refuse to Drink"

After choosing "Drink from the Chalice of Corruption":

Brother Tosai

"Only the strongest can survive a drink from the Chalice of Corruption. Have you the strength?"
Yes Accept: "Yes. I will drink."
No Decline: "No. I'm not thirsty."

After drinking:
Brother Tosai

"O Chalice of Corruption, impart your strength on this mortal..."
"Infuse this fleshy shell with the strength and power that is your gift..."
"Take this flesh and make it more than it is, as only you can..."
"Take this flesh and make it whole."

Talking to Tosai before he finishes the above quotes:
Brother Tosai

"Do not interrupt the ritual!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Brother Tosai

"The Chalice of Corruption has a very invigorating effect, does it not? Soon you will truly be one of us. There is but one last thing you must do..."


The effect as seen on a player in an outpost.
  • After drinking from the Chalice of Corruption you will have a -2 health degeneration.
  • Wait a few moments, then speak to Tosai again to receive the reward. The health degeneration will not be removed until completing the next quest, Masters of Corruption.
  • The health degeneration is active even in PvP, and will kill afflicted players even when not using vampiric weapons.
  • This quest is mutually exclusive with Refuse to Drink.
  • The effect animation is active when the player is in an outpost but does not cause -2 health degeneration.