Masters of Corruption

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Masters of Corruption
Section Kaineng City Quests
Campaign Factions
Given by Brother Tosai
in Wajjun Bazaar
(Kaineng City)
Preceded by Drink from the Chalice of Corruption
Type Secondary quest
Masters of Corruption map.jpg
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Meet and defeat the sickened Am Fah in the Undercity.

Quest information[edit]


  • Follow Brother Tosai to the Undercity.
  • Follow Brother Tosai through the Undercity to meet your new master.
  • Defeat the sickened Am Fah.
  • See Brother Tosai for your reward.



Follow Brother Tosai through the Undercity until you reach the spot marked on the mission map. Once there, a group of afflicted will spawn. Defeat this group and others in the area. Eventually 2 or 3 smaller groups will spawn and attack from both directions. After defeating these groups a final group with 3 afflicted warriors and an assassin will appear. Defeat them to remove the effect of Chalice of Corruption and finish the quest.





Initial dialogue[edit]

Brother Tosai

"Your corruption is almost complete, but there is one final step you must take. Follow me into the depths of the Undercity to meet your new masters...if you dare."
Yes Accept: "I fear nothing. Lead me to the Undercity."
No Decline: "I'm...busy. I have to...uhh...wash my hair."
Ask Ask: "Follow me to the Undercity[sic] Your new masters are waiting."

After following Brother Tosai to the Undercity[edit]

Brother Tosai

"Behold, the filthy majesty of the Undercity! Soon you shall witness true power."

While fighting the Afflicted[edit]

Brother Tosai

"Meet your new masters. Your strong bones and fleshy hide will be a worthy sacrifice!"

Reward Dialogue[edit]

Brother Tosai

"Spare me, and I shall remove the effects of the challice. Be warned that the Am Fah will forever be your enemies. Those who drink from the cursed cup shall never know peace!"


  • Once this quest is activated via drinking from the Chalice of Corruption, you will have a -2 health degeneration and a visual effect identical to disease until this quest is complete. The effect persists even in outposts, although you won't actually lose health in outposts. Abandoning this quest will also remove the effects of the chalice.
  • After finishing this quest the Am Fah are once again against you.
  • During Winds of Change, you can potentially overaggro at the fight location, so either pull the Am Fah away to kill them, or alternatively, move close enough to Brother Tosai to trigger the Afflicted attack, and let the Am Fah kill the Afflicted.
Bug Bug.The last group of Am Fah may get stuck on the bridge to the south east of the battle area. In this case, you have to kill them there to trigger Brother Tosai's final speech.