Naga Oil

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Naga Oil
Section Kaineng City Quests
Campaign Factions
Given by Emperor's Hand
in Raisu Pavilion
(Kaineng City)
Followed by Street Justice
Type Secondary quest
Naga Oil map.jpg
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You are asked to recover a fake plague cure made from Naga Pelts.

Quest information[edit]


  • Obtain a sample plague remedy.
  • See Emperor's Hand for your reward.



This quest involves meeting the Doctor Jung's Remedies and Potions collector in Wajjun Bazaar which will exchange two Naga Pelts for a Plague Remedy. These Naga Pelts are trophy drops found in Haiju Lagoon, Shing Jea Island.

Foreigners to Cantha need to speak with First Mate Xiang at Kaineng Docks, who will ship characters to Seitung Harbor. From there, players enter Jaya Bluffs, a pass by explorable area, to finally arrive to Haiju Lagoon at the East. Nagas are found walking by the beach. Zen Daijun is the closest outpost to renew farming runs.

Once obtained, return to any of those collectors and deliver the quest item to the Emperor's Hand at Raisu Pavilion.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Emperor's Hand
"It seems that there are those trying to take advantage of these fearful times by selling all manner of remedies and potions claiming to cure the plague. The emperor has taken a personal interest in this matter. He believes it is a crime that honest people are running hither and thither collecting odd items to exchange for a fraudulent remedy that cannot help them."
"I would like you to pose as a refugee and obtain one of these "remedies", then bring it back here so that I might examine it."
Yes Accept: "Anything to assist the emperor."
No Decline: "Everyone has to make a living somehow."
Ask Ask: "I suggest you use caution and keep an eye on your bags. Most of these peddlers sell their fake remedies in the Am Fah area. It is not exactly the most civilized area of the Market."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Rai Kazu Remedies and Potions
"Step right up! Step right up! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Rai Kazu's Reptile Compound will cure all that ails you in these troubled times. Have the plague? Cure it. Fear the plague? Prevent it! Accept no substitutes! Just give me 2 Naga Pelts and I will give you the following:"
Xang's Remedies and Potions
"No matter the symptom, Xang's Extract is the answer! Taken regularly, Xang's Extract is invaluable for maintaining perfect health and happiness. Plague got you down? Try Xang's Extract! For the low, low price of 2 Naga Pelts, I will give you this:"
Doctor Jung's Remedies and Potions
"You, there! Try a bit of Doctor Jung's Blood Purifier! The first taste is free! Doctor Jung's Blood Purifier cures hiccups, acne, Warrior's foot, dropsy, inflammation, plague, depression, indigestion, constipation, biliousness, and torpidity of the liver. For just 2 Naga Pelts, I will give you the following:"
Naiju's Remedies and Potions
"My Blessed Water Curative is something no family should be without! It is a positive cure for all those painful complaints and weaknesses so common in these times. Before the plague sets in, before the madness takes hold, try a bottle of Naiju's Blessed Water Curative. Just give me 2 Naga Pelts, and in return, I will give you this:"
Pe Ling's Remedies and Potions
"Yes, it is true! White Flower Pills will cure all common afflictions of the body! Boils, spinal weakness, nervous prostration, sleeplessness, tumors, humors, plague, and dandruff... all can be but memories with regular use of White Flower Pills! For a mere 2 Naga Pelts, I will provide the following:"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Emperor's Hand
"Well now, let us have a look at this "remedy." seems that the situation is worse than we feared. Not only is this concoction highly addictive, but look here: this is the official seal of the Minister of Flame. It seems he has been making quite a profit from this operation. Rest assured, I will inform the emperor of this immediately."


  • The quest's name comes from Snake Oil, a term commonly used to describe phony medicines.