The Xunlai Agent

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The Xunlai Agent
Section Kaineng City Quests
Campaign Factions
Given by Xunlai Agent Honlo
in Kaineng Center
(Kaineng City)
Type Secondary quest
The Xunlai Agent map.jpg
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Xunlai Agent Honlo's storage vault has been stolen by Am Fah thieves. She asks you to recover it.

Quest information[edit]


  • Find the stolen storage vault and return it to Xunlai Agent Honlo.
  • See Xunlai Agent Honlo for your reward.



After leaving from The Marketplace head east. You will encounter two groups of Am Fah after crossing the second of two bridges (1). Try to engage only one group at a time, but don't worry, if your party wipes you will be resurrected nearby. After defeating the two groups of Am Fah continue to head east. You will come into contact with two more manageably placed groups of Am Fah as well as a statue of Balthazar (2) that you can kneel in front of to give your team a boost. After killing the Am Fah enter a small alcove to the east. Once inside you will encounter a group of Am Fah guarding the Storage Chest (3). As soon as you attack the Am Fah more enemies will fall from the ceiling, so be ready for a fight.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Xunlai Agent Honlo
"We of the Xunlai guild are famous for our storage vaults throughout Cantha and beyond. Our agents provide safe keeping for your rare and precious goods without fail. Alas, a group of those thieving Am Fah has made off with mine, robbing me of my very livelihood! I am far too weak from the scuffle to pursue the thugs myself."
Will you recover it for me?
Yes Accept: "I will find and return your storage vault."
No Decline: "Sorry. Not my problem."
Ask Ask: "Find the Am Fah bandits who made off with my storage vault and return it to me before those dogs figure out the combination and steal its contents."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Xunlai Agent Honlo
"Thank you so much. You have proven yourself a friend of the Xunlai."


Anomaly Anomaly.While this quest is to retrieve a specific item, the "result" isn't like any other, in that the item being retrieved doesn't actually appear in your inventory, and it isn't an item that needs to be carried to a certain person or place.
Anomaly Anomaly. The quest dialogue states that you are to return with a Storage Vault but the item that you obtain is called a Storage Chest.