The Afflicted Guard

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The Afflicted Guard
Section Kaineng City Quests
Campaign Factions
Given by Imperial Guardsman Kintae
in Kaineng Center
(Kaineng City)
Type Secondary quest
Afflicted Guardsman Chun map.jpg
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End the suffering of the afflicted guard.

Quest information[edit]


  • Find the afflicted creature that was once Imperial Guardsman Chun and destroy it.
  • See Imperial Guardsman Kintae for your reward.



Heading east from Kaineng Center, you will head up a ramp and across a bridge. Chun is in the middle of a mob of afflicted creatures. Once you kill Chun, the quest is over.





Initial dialogue[edit]

Imperial Guardsman Kintae
"Those who swear service to the Imperial Guard give up all else in life to serve the emperor faithfully. One of our sworn brothers, Chun, is lost to the plague. last seen on the streets feasting on the living. I am certain he would not want to live this way, that he would want us to destroy the monster he has become.
"Will you find the Afflicted creature that Chun has become and destroy it?"
Yes Accept: "I will honor Guardsman Chun and destroy the creature that he has become."
No Decline: "Find an exterminator to deal with your vermin."
Ask Ask: "It pains me to know that Chun might be suffering. Please, find the Afflicted creature he has become and destroy it."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Imperial Guardsman Kintae
"Even now, I suspect Chun is traveling through the Mists to a better place, freed from the curse of the plague. Thank you for your assistance. Your deeds shall not be forgotten."


  • Because the guardsman uses Frenzy, has no self heal, often spawns alone and is attacked by some Canthan Guards, this quest sometimes "completes itself".
  • With Winds of Change, the Ministry of Purity members can also attack the guard and complete the quest