The Drunken Master

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The Drunken Master
Section Kaineng City Quests
Campaign Factions
Given by Barkeep Mehoro
in Kaineng Center
(Kaineng City)
Type Secondary quest
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Defeat Drinkmaster Tahnu to let Barkeep Mehoro's customers drink in peace.

Quest Information[edit]


  • Find Drinkmaster Tahnu.
  • Defeat Drinkmaster Tahnu.
  • See Barkeep Mehoro for your reward.


Environmental changes[edit]

To keep Afflicted from spawning in this area if you're of lower levels, keep this quest in your active log and stay away from Drinkmaster Tahnu until such time as you feel the need to complete it. Keeping him alive, untouched, and unharmed affects the spawns in his particular area of Bukdek Byway.


From Kaineng Center, head South, then South-West, until you get out into an open courtyard area. There will be none of the afflicted there that would usually be there, and he's standing off by himself off to the side. He'll start off neutral towards you, but as you approach him he'll turn red and attack. When you damage him until he has about 1/4 health, he'll turn neutral again and credit you with defeating him.





Initial dialogue[edit]

Barkeep Mehoro
"You're <character name>? What luck! Tales of your battle prowess have been circulating throughout Kaineng City, and I was hoping to speak with you. I have a job for your, if you are interested in making a little cash. My name's Barkeep Mehoro, owner of the Drunken Dragon, the finest drinking establishment in Bukdek Byway. Not long ago, a man who calls himself Drinkmaster Tahnu took up residence outside my tavern challenging any who enter to a fight. Although he drinks more than four men, he still manages to win every fight, and he has driven off all my customers! He will not leave until someone defeats him in combat."
I beg of you, defeat Drinkmaster Tahnu so my customers can imbibe in peace!
Yes Accept: "I will defeat Master Tahnu."
No Decline: "I'd rather get drunk instead."
Ask Ask: "My customers are being driven away by Drinkmaster Tahnu! Please, go to Bukdek Byway and defeat him. I promise, I shall make it worth your while."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

When you approach Tahnu

Tahnu: "So <hiccup> yer the ones the barkeep hired to beat me, eh? <Hiccup> I'll give you the thrashing of a lifetime! You don't stand a chance! <Hiccup>"

After you defeat Tahnu

Tahnu: "I'm drunk enough to know when I've been beaten. <Hiccup> Well fought! This here tavern is yours is to do what you want with. Er, what you want with. 'Scuse me as I stumble off to the next watering hole. <hiccup>"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Barkeep Mehoro
"I will inform my regulars that it is safe to resume drinking! Er, responsible drinking, of course! Thank you again, brave hero."


  • To capture Drinkmaster Tahnu's elite skill Enraged Smash, follow him to Kaineng Center after defeating him. He will die just before entering the town. If he gets stuck between a group of Canthan Peasants along the way, you will need to abandon the quest and start over. To prevent this, stand in front of him just before he approaches the group, forcing him to change course. Alternatively, you can use minions to kill the peasants or lure them away from Tahnu's path.
Anomaly Anomaly.When approaching Drinkmaster Tahnu, you cannot use the usual approach of clicking on him, then pressing space bar. For some reason, the game will not let you use this method.