It Ends Here

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It Ends Here
Section Kaineng City Quests
Campaign Factions
Given by Guildmaster Luan
in Kaineng Center
(Kaineng City)
Preceded by The Plot Thickens
Type Secondary quest
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Extinguish the Fire Golems hiding in the Undercity.

Quest information[edit]




Exit from Nahpui Quarter into Wajjun Bazaar and head to the Undercity portal, killing any Am Fah groups you happen to run into. (This is a lot quicker if you have Seek out Brother Tosai active, since there are no foes in Wajjun Bazaar.)

Simply head southeast once inside the Undercity and kill the Fire Golems.





Initial dialogue[edit]

Guildmaster Luan
"It is impossible that a rare creature from the Fire Island Chain could go undetected for this long. Unless...That is it! They must be moving it through the Undercity. Quick! You must descend to the depths of the Undercity and destroy this fiery abomination! Once you have done so, notify the Emperor's Hand of your victory. You must not fail!"
Yes Accept: "For the emperor!"
No Decline: "Fire golem? I think I hear my mother calling me..."
Ask Ask: "Commit this to memory: head to the Undercity, find and destroy the fire golem, then tell the Emperor's Hand of your success. Got that?"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Emperor's Hand
"A creature from the Fire Island Chain? More than one of them you say? The emperor is in your debt, <Character name>. I shall see that he is made aware of your deeds."