Kournan Soldier

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Kournan Soldier
Kournan Soldier.jpg

Kournan Guard (axe).jpg

Affiliation Kournan military
Type Human
Profession Warrior Warrior
Level(s) 20 (20)
Campaigns Nightfall
Bonus Mission Pack

Kournan Soldiers are the basic component of the Kournan military.




Armor ratings[edit]

Armor ratings
Blunt damage 113 Piercing damage 113 Slashing damage 113
Cold damage 93 Earth damage 93 Fire damage 93 Lightning damage 93


Before completion of the Venta Cemetery mission:

"Bayel said we wouldn't eat until the Sunspears were destroyed. He threatens us like that all the time."
"By might. By will. By power. The motto of Kourna is simple."
"I was taken from my village during the draft. Can you check on my family?"
"Morgahn is a great and fearless leader."
"Our ranks get younger every day. New blood flows to the front lines as the old blood flows at the frontlines."

Before completion of the Kodonur Crossroads mission:

"Centaurs are nasty hybrid animals, half beast. Our orders are to weed out the feral ones."
"I heard a rumor that the leader of the Sunspears is dead. I wonder if it's true."
"I would not want to be a Centaur on the Venta Plains right now!"
"The food gets worse every day. Ugh. Asparagus!"
"There are rumors we'll travel north to Vabbi. Oh gods! That puts us right through the Fortress of Jahai!"