Strange Bedfellows

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Help Palawa Joko to crush opposition to his return to the throne of the Bone Palace.

Strange Bedfellows
Section The Desolation Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Palawa Joko
in Bone Palace
(The Desolation)
Preceded by A Deal's a Deal
Horde of Darkness
Followed by Under New Management
Type Secondary quest
Strange Bedfellows map.jpg
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Quest information[edit]




Head west into the Alkali Pan and meet with General Farrund just outside the Bone Palace. Activate the Wurm Spoor and head North West following the quest marker on your compass.The wurms will deposit your party on land just before the warlord, Kareh Ossa, and a small group of Royal Guards, just south of the Ruins of Morah. After a short speech, Kareh and his guards will turn hostile and attack the party, but their small number can be easily defeated. When they are dispatched, talk with General Farrund for your reward.



Mummies (Undead)


Ghosts (initially friendly)


Initial dialogue[edit]

Palawa Joko

"You did well to reclaim the Bone Palace. It is an excellent location for both of us to stage our military operations."
"Unfortunately, in my absence, the majority of my once-great army has spread out and split into dozens of sects and militias. One fairly large faction is of great concern to me. The self-appointed warmarshal who leads it wields great power and could do significant damage to the palace if allowed the first strike. Meet with him in the Alkali Pan and convince him to see things from my point of view by whatever means necessary."
Yes Accept: "Consider it done, O sulfurous one."
No Decline: "For an undead scourge you sure ask a lot of favors."
Ask Ask: "The warlord's camp is located in the southern region of the Alkali Pan. Go now, before he has a chance to cause us any trouble."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

General Farrund

"You're here to discuss a ceasefire with my lord, Kareh? Most interesting. If you're out here reeking of sulfur, you must have a valid mission.... I will convince Warmarshal Kareh to speak with you. Lead the way."

Intermediate dialogue 2[edit]

On meeting Kareh Ossa

General Farrund: "My lord, I bring visitors. They are here to discuss a ceasefire between our mighty forces and what's left of Palawa Joko's."
Kareh Ossa: "Joko?!? The great Warmarshal Kareh Ossa does not negotiate with undead scum or the weaklings who bow to them! Guards! Remove these insects from my sight!"
General Farrund: "But my lord...these visitors have traveled here all the way from Elona! Do you not think it prudent to hear them speak before gutting them mercilessly?"
Kareh Ossa: "You are no better than they, Farrund! I can see that the years have weakened your resolve. You have committed treason. Guards, destroy them!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

General Farrund

"Thank you for sparing me. A shame we weren't able to reach a peaceful arrangement. By the way, I spoke in jest about the merciless gutting and all. No hard feelings? *cough* Now that Kareh is defeated, there may be a way to turn his troops to your side...."


  • Can easily be completed at the same time as the primary quest that follows the same route: Horde of Darkness.