Under New Management

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Under New Management
Section The Desolation Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by General Farrund
in The Alkali Pan
(The Desolation)
Preceded by Strange Bedfellows
Type Secondary quest
The Alkali Pan - Under New Management map.jpg
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Persuade the leaderless undead commanders to return to Palawa Joko's command. Force of arms should provide the best incentive!

Quest information[edit]


  • Convince Kareh Ossa's commanders to align with Joko by defeating them in combat. You have defeated [0...4] of 4 commanders.
  • See Palawa Joko for your reward.



Follow the quest pointer to each of the commanders in turn and defeat them and their guards. Be careful, since the normal area spawns will also be present making for large mixed groups of enemies. Two commanders can be reached using Junundu, making them easy to defeat.

On the map: W is Wurm Spoor locations. 1, 2, 3 and the green star are the four commanders.



Mummmies (Undead)


Note that their elite skills cannot be captured; see Notes section below.

Mummies (Undead)


Initial dialogue[edit]

General Farrund

"Kareh Ossa is gone and his forces remain leaderless. If left unchecked, this power vacuum will spur infighting until another warlord takes his place. Now is your chance to assemble the splintered factions at Joko's side. Venture into the Alkali Pan and face those who would dare stand against Palawa Joko. Crush them in combat and convice these traitors that Palawa Joko's banner is the side with which they should align themselves."
Yes Accept: "By your command."
No Decline: "I don't take my frakkin' orders from you."
Ask Ask: "Find Kareh's commanders and convince them to join you. Use whatever tactics necessary."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Palawa Joko

"You did well handling that foolish excuse for a warmarshal, and I am impressed that you managed to do the job with so few casualties! His troops should provide the additional strength I need to protect the palace from any further assaults. It will be secure enough for you to use as a base for your operations. If only Turai could see me now!"


  • The four commanders are: Commander Mosek, Commander Yamji, Commander Lohgor and Commander Giturh. Note that while some of them have elite skills, they cannot be captured due to the fact that they automatically turn non-hostile if defeated (less than 20% health), preventing their deaths. Also since they do not, technically, die - you do not receive any morale boosts.
  • Should you map back to town to remove any death penalty, you will restart the quest.
  • The mob linked with each commander will become friendly when the commander is defeated, so if you want a fast run, target and take down each commander first.
  • The boss group of Churkeh the Defiant does not spawn if this quest is active (unless you do this quest immediately after Strange Bedfellows).