Open the Flood Gates of Death

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Open the Flood Gates of Death
Section Festival Event Quests
Event Halloween
Given by Emissary of King Thorn of Kryta
in Kamadan, Jewel of Istan
Type Festival quest
Open The Flood Gates of Death map.jpg
Location in Joko's Domain

Destroy the incoming horde of Joko's undead.

Quest information[edit]


  • Travel to Joko's Domain and challenge Palawa Joko.
  • Kill Joko's minions quickly enough to fill the Kill-O-Meter.
  • See Emissary of King Thorn of Kryta for your reward.



Just after triggering the floating dialogues, run towards the closest door to the Bone Palace's outer courtyard (not the outpost door). The undead will spawn there, wave after wave, very close to each other, allowing the party to surround them, body block them, and kill them quickly with the Junundu skills that deal area of effect damage and knock downs. Every wave will have more undead than the previous one, but that should not be a problem. The spawns from this single spawn point are enough to fill the Kill-O-Meter, which allows the party to avoid the spawns from the other spawn point and not having to fight two groups (i.e. one group from each of the two spawn points) at once.

Once the Kill-O-Meter is filled, there is no need to kill the other spawned undead.



Candy Corn creatures

Mummies (Undead)


Elementals (Undead)

Mummies (Undead)


Initial dialogue[edit]

Emissary of King Thorn of Kryta

Greetings, flesh bearer, I am glad to see you! Much progress has been made towards releasing our most glorious king on the unsuspecting world. What a pleasant surprise this will be for them! I've been devising a plan that will not only aid in our king's release to the mortal realm, it will also shape the political climate in preparation for his return.

When our king was among the living, there was an up-and-coming king in Elona who had delusions of grandeur and far too little respect for our undead liege. The two of them had many squabbles over the years, some nearly turning into full-scale wars. My lord often mentioned that one of his greatest regrets in life was not decorating his throne room with the entrails of that disrespectful swine, Palawa Joko.

While I would never ask you to deprive our king of the opportunity to face that hack in combat, undead man to undead man, that doesn't mean we can't have a little fun with Joko in the meantime! Not only that, but I believe we could also use this as an opportunity to assist our imprisoned king escape his forsaken realm.

According to the greatest scholars in the Lunatic Court, even Grenth can get overwhelmed at times. For us, the logistics of killing hordes of unruly villagers was a big enough headache. I can only imagine the organizational nightmare it must have been for Grenth to categorize all of those souls once they arrived in the Underworld! If you were to go and deliver some truly incendiary words, I'm certain it would rekindle the conflict between King Thorn and Palawa Joko. Depending on your tongue, I'd be willing to bet that the rotting pushover would send wave after wave of his enslaved undead army to engage you in battle. Release enough of their souls, and it should keep Grenth buried in paperwork, unable to notice our king's return to the mortal realm! Our logic is infallible!

Yes Accept: "What could possibly go wrong with such a perfect plan?"
No Decline: "I don't feel like starting any interdimensional, undead conflicts today."
Ask Ask: "Go to Joko's Domain and pick a fight! You wouldn't want me to start looking for alternative souls around town, would you?"

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Upon reaching the objective
Palawa Joko: "Who dares lay siege to my citadel of death? I am Palawa Joko, the Scourge of Vabbi!"
<Party leader>: "I come bearing a message from Mad King Thorn of Kryta."
<Party leader>: "Your mother was a Dredge and your father smelt of Juni berries!"
Palawa Joko: "The candy man infantry of the Mad King! Of course you know this means war!"
Palawa Joko: "Attack them my minions! King Thorn will pay for this outrage!
When the Kill-O-Meter is 25% full
Palawa Joko: "Blast you, you withering horde of worthless undead. Stop eating their fallen and attack!"
Palawa Joko: "I don't care how delicious they are!"
When the Kill-O-Meter is 50% full
Palawa Joko: "I will have the Mad King's head for this!"
Palawa Joko: "I swear to you, the Bone Palace will smell of freshly cooked pumpkin pie by the night's end!"
When the Kill-O-Meter is 100% full
Palawa Joko: "Fall back my minions! We shall regroup for a counteroffensive!"
Palawa Joko: "All of Tyria will pay for this grave offense! I will burn cities, flood valleys, enslave nations!"
Palawa Joko: "You have incited the wrath of Palawa Joko. Mark my words: you will all pay!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Emissary of King Thorn of Kryta

Oh how I wish I could have seen Palawa Joko's face as you destroyed wave after wave of his pathetic army! But I can be patient. I will stand in the front row when King Thorn returns and drives a true war of terror and destruction across all the known kingdoms of Tyria! You have served your king well; here is your reward.


  • The undead that spawn during this quest do not count for bounties or Vanquisher, neither do they drop any loot. They use their Nightfall skill set instead of their Scarred Psyche (Halloween) skill set.
  • During this quest, the regular undead and elemental spawns surrounding the Bone Palace do not appear; however, the Graven Monoliths on the north side of the palace occasionally do.
  • This quest can be completed by AFKing and letting henchmen, heroes, and Mad King's Guards do all the killing.
  • Vanquishing Joko's Domain is easier with this quest due to the Mad King's Guards that appear for the quest. The reduced spawns also decreases the vanquish counter by up to 100.
  • This quest cannot be completed while A Deal's a Deal is active.