Til Death Do Us Part...

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Til Death Do Us Part...
Section Festival Event Quests
Event Halloween
Given by Emissary of King Thorn of Kryta
in Kamadan, Jewel of Istan
Type Festival quest
Til Death Do Us Part.jpg
Location of Zola and her Suitors
(There are at least 7 Suitors; you need to defeat only 3.
The 3 recommended ones are marked with circles.)

Quest information[edit]


  • Speak with Princess Zola in Resplendent Makuun.
  • Defeat three of Princess Zola's suitors. You have [3...0] remaining.
  • Return to Princess Zola and inform her that she is now free from her suitors.
  • See Emissary of King Thorn of Kryta for your reward.


Environmental changes[edit]

  • While this quest is active and uncompleted, Attendant to the Prince will not spawn in Resplendent Makuun, since Zola spawns in his location.


Exit from Honur Hill and approach Zola. Wait for her to begin her dialogue and then head for the Suitor spawn point near the Bokka Amphitheatre portal (be careful not to zone, as this will reset the quest). If any party members have binding ritual skills, they can prepare by creating binding rituals at that Suitor spawn point while waiting for her to finish her dialogue. After her dialogue, a Suitor will spawn at this location (along with other undead); kill them and head for the next group (in an alcove past Zola's location). There are at least three more groups outside the building, but you only need to kill one more; the two nearest are roughly on the way back to Honur Hill.

After you have killed three groups, head back to Zola to get credit for completing the quest, then map travel back to Kamadan for your reward.





Ghosts (Undead)

  • Necromancer 20 (26) Suitor
  • Mesmer 20 (26) Suitor
  • Mesmer 20 (26) Wraith
  • Elementalist 20 (26) Suitor

Phantoms (Undead)

Skeletons (Undead)

Zombies (Undead)


Initial dialogue[edit]

Emissary of King Thorn of Kryta
Hello, or "ahai," as they say in these parts. I am His Royal Greatness King Thorn's royal ambassador to the Elonian people. The king was quite fond of Elona's many beauties before his untimely death, especially the beauty of its women. He longs to travel freely throughout the mortal realm, so that he may spend more time abroad, spreading that special kind of joy only he can give. The members of his royal court back in Kryta are working on a ceremony to break the seals between the mortal world and the realm of our beloved King Thorn. Can you imagine enjoying the benevolence and majesty of King Thorn year-round? It will be just like the old days, though preferably with less regicide...
I have agreed to do my part to aid in this ceremony. The first task I must accomplish is locating the spirit of the great king's fifth wife, who hailed from Vabbi. It's probably better you don't ask what happened to the first four, or the last three, for that matter, and just rest assured that this one was always his favorite! A king cannot return to the mortal realm without an adoring queen to stand by his side, so be a good little mortal, find his beloved and instruct her to return to Kryta for the ceremony. Oh, best to not mention being burned alive. It was something of a point of contention in their relationship.
Yes Accept: "I might as well add spectral matchmaker to my already absurd resume."
No Decline: "Somehow I think that is one relationship that shouldn't be rekindled."
Ask Ask: "Why are you still standing here? My alternative solution is to put you in a dress and present you to King Thorn as his new bride. Yeah, I thought that would get you moving!"

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

When first approaching Zola
Zola: "Hello traveler. What brings you to these parts?"
<Party Leader>: "You, actually. I've been sent to request your appearance at an important event."
Zola: "Me? It's been many, many years since anyone has sought me."
Zola: "In my prime, I was called the most beautiful princess in all of Vabbi, if not the entire world."
Zola: "Men wanted me, women wanted to be me. But that was long ago. Before I met... him."
<Party Leader>: "Him? Are you speaking of King Thorn? That's actually why I'm here."
Zola: "It is. [sic] Well isn't that...interesting."
Zola: "And what does my..err..beloved husband want with me?"
<Party Leader>: "His loyal subjects plan on releasing him from his realm so he may return to the mortal world permanently. They feel your presence will act as a beacon for his soul."
Zola: "I see. Well, that is certainly something I wouldn't want to miss. Unfortunately, there are those who wish to prevent me from leaving this land."
Zola: "When I left for Kryta to marry King Thorn, I broke the hearts of many local noblemen. Their souls now remain here, sworn to prevent me from ever leaving them again."
Zola: "If you would be a dear and help these souls find their way out of the mortal realm and out of my business, I would be happy to travel to Kryta with haste."
<Party Leader>: "I am happy to help you."
Zola: "Yes, people generally are. There are numerous former suitors scattered throughout the area. Dealing with 3 of them should be enough to allow me to escape their grasp and return to Kryta. Go now! We don't want to leave my beloved waiting!"
Upon returning to Zola
Zola: "Very good! I can see why my deranged, good-for-nothing ex-husband has you running around as his little errand monkey."
Zola: "Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to head to Kryta."
Zola: "If that screwy, delinquent husband of mine is coming back as a mortal, I want to be the first in line to send him right back into Grenth's waiting arms!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Emissary of King Thorn of Kryta
Oh yes, I was expecting the queen to be...surprised by our request. Don't you worry, I'm sure the trip to Kryta will give her time to cool off. Once she sees her beloved husband's regal visage I'm sure it will light the fire of love in her heart once more.


  • You can save some time if your party includes multiple players: the first can initiate Zola's speech while the second goes after the first suitor. After, have the second player go after the other suitor within the building and have the first player head back towards Honur Hill for the third. Either can approach Zola to initiate the end-quest dialogue.
  • The undead that accompany each Suitor do not have to be killed to complete this quest.
  • The Suitors and undead are not hostile to the usual Resplendent Makuun foes.
  • Until you rezone, the remaining Suitor and undead do not disappear upon completion of this quest nor after Zola goes through the Bokka Amphitheatre portal.
Anomaly Anomaly.After completing the quest, Zola will run to Bokka Amphitheatre, even though this is a dead end, not toward her declared destination of Kryta.