Attendant to the Prince

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Attendant to the Prince
Vabbian Commoner m blue.jpg
Affiliation Vabbians
Type Human
Level(s) 10 (20)
Campaign Nightfall

A personal attendant to Prince Bokka the Magnificent.



Quests involved in:

  • Deactivating N.O.X.


I hope this is important. Prince Bokka keeps me quite busy, so ask yourself if your little distractions are more important then my tasks.

Attendant to the Prince
Prince Bokka is in grave danger. You must tell me where he is at once!
Danger? Ridiculous! Prince Bokka is loved by all. No one would ever think of harming him. Now be gone and speak no more of this supposed danger.
The prince's new toy, N.O.X., is programmed to assassinate him. Take me to Bokka before it's too late!
You mean that golem that arrived this morning? Preposterous! It came from a most reputable source, the great Asuran inventor Zinn. I assure you, Prince Bokka is quite safe.
Zinn sent me to protect Prince Bokka. Take me to him NOW unless you want to be blamed for his death.
Alright, I'll take you to Prince Bokka. Are you ready to leave?
Yes We were ready when we got here. If you're finally ready, we're ready. (sent to Bokka Amphitheatre (N.O.X.))
No Wait, I won? You'll take me to Bokka? I wasn't ready for that...
No Thanks for the chat, but I have to run.
No Thanks for the chat, but I have to run.