A Brief Introduction

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A Brief Introduction
Section Vabbi Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Whispers Acolyte
in Chantry of Secrets
Preceded by Grand Court of Sebelkeh
Followed by Between a Rock...
The Scourge of Vabbi
Type Secondary quest
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Go check on the prison of Saevio Proelium to make sure the Titan didn't escape.

Quest information[edit]




Verify the Tomb of Saevio Proelium has been breached at the Monument to the Defeat of Palawa Joko in Jahai Bluffs, just outside the Command Post entrance to the zone. Report to Whispers Acolyte at the Chantry of Secrets for your reward.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Whispers Acolyte
"Hello, <Character name>. The Order of Whispers needs your help. We have devoted our lives to protecting the land and its people from mystical threats, including that of Abaddon. Most of what we know of the God of Secrets comes from one of his creatures that we captured, at great cost, nearly a hundred years ago. We interrogated this Titan, Saevio Proelium, and when he would no longer aid us, sealed him away in a tomb.
During the recent storms, a great commotion was heard around that tomb. We need someone to go check on Saevio Proelium's tomb. If something has happened, we are in even more danger that [sic] we thought! Be careful, for demons are appearing more frequently, and may be seeking to free the titan. If Saevio Proelium has escaped, there is no telling how dangerous the area could be!"
Yes Accept: "I'll investigate the matter."
No Decline: "I would, but I have this weird preoccupation with survival."
Ask Ask: "Quickly! Go to Saevio Proelium's tomb and investigate!"

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Saevio Proelium's Tomb
Beware! Here is entombed Saevio Pro- [the rest of the stone is destroyed.]
Whispers Acolyte
"It is as I feared. Not only has the descendant of our greatest hero gone mad, one of the servants of Abaddon has escaped! This is grim news. We will need to amass a force. We have been watching you for some time, <Character name>, and we know of your devotion to the people of this land. The Order of Whispers will be calling on you again."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Whispers Acolyte
"I have sent word of your findings to my superiors, and they wish me to give you this. The Order of Whispers will speak with you again."