Soul of Fendi Nin

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Soul of Fendi Nin
Affiliation Undead
Type Ghost
Profession Necromancer Necromancer
Level(s) 29 (32)
Campaign Eye of the North
Shards of Orr Level 3.jpg
Fendi Nin's location in Shards of Orr Level 3

Slaying Soul of Fendi Nin is the goal of the quest Lost Souls which takes place in the Shards of Orr dungeon.



16 Curses


  • After defeating Fendi Nin, Soul of Fendi Nin will appear at his location, while 6 Damned Crewmen will appear in the last location Soul of Fendi Nin returned to his Fendi Nin form.
  • After 30 seconds or so has passed, Soul of Fendi Nin will be replaced with Fendi Nin and the Damned Crewmen will be replaced with Skeleton Archers that will appear forming behind Fendi Nin.
  • If you fail to kill the Soul of Fendi Nin in a 25 second period, the damage dealt to him will carry over to the next spawn, so you can keep chipping away at him.
  • Soul of Fendi Nin does not regenerate, so as long as Fendi Nin can be defeated and it can be damaged afterwards, it can be worn down.
  • Since the Damned Crewmen will appear in the last place the Soul of Fendi Nin returned to the zombie form, but the Skeleton Archers will return directly to Fendi Nin, you can lure Fendi Nin away from the archers every time he comes back, and when Fendi Nin dies, the Soul will appear far from the Damned Crewmen. Repeat the process of luring Fendi Nin away from the archers again and again to almost completely avoid the Damned Crewmen altogether.
  • You can reduce the time it takes to kill the soul by knocking it down just before it disappears; this causes it to remain longer, giving you more time to whittle it down. You can apply Great Dwarf Weapon to several allies in order to increase the chances that you time the knock downs correctly.
  • Soul of Fendi Nin has 20,400 health in Hard mode.
  • After killing Soul of Fendi Nin, a Fendi's Chest will spawn.