Sand Wurm

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Sand Wurm
Desert Wurm (NPC).jpg
Affiliation Crystal Desert wildlife
Type Wurm
Profession Warrior Warrior
Level(s) 22 (26)
Campaign Prophecies

Sand Wurms are colossal predators that infest some parts of the Crystal Desert. They lie in wait beneath the surface of the sand, striking at passing travelers with devastating melee attacks. An attack by a Sand Wurm is always preceded by sudden vibrations in the ground. They are heavy armored foes with a large amount of health and a constant +3 health regeneration.



Armor ratings[edit]

Armor ratings
Blunt damage 160 Piercing damage 160 Slashing damage 160
Cold damage 160 Earth damage 160 Fire damage 160 Lightning damage 160

Items dropped[edit]


  • The combination of Natural Resistance, high armor, and a lack of active skills makes Wastrel's Worry very effective against them, as the Sand Wurms have no means of ending the hex spell early.
  • They are hostile against all other Crystal Desert wildlife.