To Kryta: Journey's End

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To Kryta: Journey's End
Section Primary Quests
Campaign Prophecies
Given by Aidan
in Griffon's Mouth
(Northern Shiverpeaks)
Preceded by To Kryta: The Ice Cave
Followed by Gates of Kryta
Type Primary quest
Beacon's Perch to Griffon's Mouth.jpg
Path from Beacon's Perch to Griffon's Mouth
Aidan in Griffon's Mouth.jpg
Path to Aidan in Griffon's Mouth
To Kryta Journey's End map.jpg
Path from Ambassador Braun (marker) to Gates of Kryta

As the last part of this quest chain, deliver a letter and find the outpost for the Gates of Kryta.

Quest information[edit]





Scoundrel's Rise has many undead creatures instead of the normal Mergoyle-and-Bog Skale distribution, from when you accept this quest until you deliver the letter to Ambassador Braun, and thereafter until you leave the zone. Thus, if these creatures present difficulties, it is advised to immediately deliver the letter and rezone, thus avoiding the undead completely. It is also helpful to bring Illusion of Haste, or any other skill that removes/mitigates the Crippled condition.



Humans (White Mantle)






Initial Dialogue[edit]

"I have a letter here for Ambassador Zain informing him of Prince Rurik's death. You can give it to Ambassador Braun when you see him. Zain has assigned him to the refugee problem, so he'll work out the details involved in getting them settled. Meet Braun in Scoundrel's Rise, just outside the gate to Griffon's Mouth."
Yes Accept: "I'm on my way."
No Decline: "Perhaps another time."
Ask Ask: "Take Ambassador Zain's letter to Ambassador Braun. He alone can provide for these refugees."

Intermediate Dialogue[edit]

Ambassador Braun
"The undead have risen from the swamps. The gates to Lion's Arch have been closed. Times are bad indeed."
"I have been appointed by Ambassador Zain to handle the matter of seeing your people settled. The ambassador will be saddned to hear of your great prince, I am sure."
"Here is the letter from Ambassador Zain granting refuge in Kryta. Present it to Witness Casori, the city's regent. Perhaps she can help you."

Reward Dialogue[edit]

Witness Casori
"Yes, Braun told us to expect you. I understand you have Ambassador Zain's decree allowing your people to settle here. I'm afraid, however, that powers above me are ordering my city's gates closed even to Krytans."
"You've done these people a great service."


  • Even though Ambassador Braun's dialogue suggests that he takes the letter and hands it back again, the item is not returned to your inventory. Simply talk to Witness Casori to complete the quest.
Anomaly Anomaly.Characters from other campaigns can get this quest. They should not be able to access any quests before Lion's Arch.
Anomaly Anomaly.Despite Braun's claims to hate the undead, he will heal any injured undead that come near him.