Rising Suns

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Rising Suns
Section Istan Quests
Campaign Nightfall

(Elonian only)

Given by Castellan Puuba
in Sunspear Great Hall
Preceded by Jokanur Diggings
Followed by Re-enlist Rojis
Type Secondary quest
Rising Suns map.jpg
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Castellan Puuba wants you to talk to three potential Sunspear recruits, Morik, Dahni, and Ando. They have their own dilemmas that need to be taken care of before they are willing to join.

Quest information[edit]



  • Talk to three potential recruits in Zehlon Reach and convince them to join the Sunspears.
  • Talk to Morik in Zehlon Reach and ask him to join the Sunspears.
  • Talk to Dahni about Morik's dilemma.
  • Tell Morik that Dahni is leaving to join the Sunspears.
  • Talk to Ando and ask him to join the Sunspears.
  • Kill the beast threatening Ando's family.
  • Tell Ando that the threat is gone.
  • See Castellan Puuba for your reward



The first potential recruit, Morik, can be found on a pier in the center of the north coast in Zehlon Reach. Speak to him to find out he doesn't have confidence in himself and would rather stay with Dahni. Speak to Dahni, who can be found a little south on the same pier. She is the second recruit and has already decided to join the Sunspears. She asks you to tell Morik that she is leaving. Talk to Morik and he will join the Sunspears. The third recruit, Ando, can be found southwest in a small village. Speak to him to find out he can't leave the village until he is certain that it will be safe without him protecting it. Head a little south and kill the group of five Irontooth Drakes that is threatening his village. Tell Ando that the threat is gone and he will join. Return to the Sunspear Great Hall and speak to Castellan Puuba to collect your reward.





Initial dialogue[edit]

Castellan Puuba

"Good timing, <Character name>. One of your duties as a Sunspear is helping bring in new recruits. I have a few good leads among the able-bodied men and women in the villages around the island, and I need someone I can trust to represent the Sunspears in a positive manner. Naturally, I thought of you. Here are the names of three young people in Zehlon Reach who would make terrific Sunspears. See if you can enlist them. I've even taken the liberty of preparing a travel itinerary for you."
Yes Accept: "Convince the kids to leave home? I can do that."
No Decline: "No thanks. I'm no recruiter!"
Ask Ask: "Have you talked to the three kids in Zehlon Reach yet? The training classes start soon, so you should hurry!"

Intermediate dialogue[edit]


"Sunspear? Me? I don't know. Dahni and I have talked about leaving to join the Sunspears, but I don't think I'm cut out for it. Not much call for fish tossing in the Sunspears. I doubt Dahni will be interested either. Not that she'd have any trouble. She usually beats me when we train. Of course, I'm holding back a little so I don't hurt her. Don't look at me like that, it's true! Well, it used to be. I think she's holding back now. It's not my fault. I spend my days unloading fishing boats while she's off chasing irontooth drakes. But we're sort of together and I don't think she'll leave without me. You're welcome to try, though. She's right over there."


"Morik said that? I've told him a hundred times he only loses because he's afraid of hurting me. The big lummox could be a great fighter if he got some decent training. He's just got no confidence. Honestly, as much as I love him I was getting ready to join the Sunspears just to see if he would follow me. Since you're here, let's get it over with. Go tell Morik I've joined; he needs a good kick in the pants to get his life moving and get out of this little village. I'll grab my things and leave. Tell Morik he'd better make up his mind quick if he wants to go with me."


"She's leaving? Now? I guess I always expected this. But I really didn't think she'd leave so soon. Well, I can't let her go off on her own. Besides, she's right, we need to get out of this village. I hear stories about all these wondrous places, but all I ever see, day in and day out, is fish. I don't know if I'm good enough, but I suppose there's only one way to find out. I'll pack and leave with Dahni in the morning."
"You say you're looking for someone named Ando as well? Never heard of him. You might look around the swamp huts to the southwest."


"So you came to get me out of this swamp? I'd love to explore the world, fight evil, and wear all the shiny bits, but I can't leave my family unprotected. These swamps have all kinds of nasty critters. Most leave us alone, but lately a few have gotten bolder and attack anyone who comes near. The people here can't fight off a mosquito, let alone something with big, pointy teeth."
"Well, I suppose if you could find where these things are coming from and take care of them, then I could let the village fend for itself while I go to train. The beasts come from the south mostly. That would be the best place to look. Good luck. I've only fought one or two at a time. They're mean little critters!"


"You got all of them? Wow you Sunspears must be more powerful than I thought if you can take on a whole nest of them and survive. Maybe I could do the same with the training you've had. After that, I can come back and protect the village from anything. Okay, you got yourself a new recruit. I need to say goodbye to everyone and help them find someone to take my place while I'm gone, but I'll be there as soon as I can."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Castellan Puuba

"You actually got all three to sign up? Impressive,[sic] I was only expecting one, maybe two, to join. You have a real knack for this. I'll have to keep that in mind."


  • This quest appears to have been added after the November 30th, 2006 update.
  • To significantly decrease the quest time, use Charge or a similar team running skill and set your heroes to avoid combat. Leave from Jokanur Diggings and run North past all enemies.