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Update The latest game update was on May 11, 2022
Update The latest game update was on May 11, 2022
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The Gods of Tyria are the gods that are the most commonly worshiped gods in Tyria. They are the beings who, in the religion of humans and other advanced races, created the world of Tyria, gave magic to the races, and who bestow the Favor of the Gods. One of their titles, the Old Gods, is given because they left the world of Tyria during the Exodus of the Gods at year 0. In the timeline, BE stands for Before Exodus and AE stands After Exodus.

Among these gods are Balthazar, the God of Fire and War, Dwayna, the Goddess of Life and Air (also the leader of the True Gods), Grenth, the God of Death and Ice, Lyssa, Twin Goddess of Beauty and Illusions, Melandru, Goddess of Nature and Earth, and… Read more.
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