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Mhenlo (born in 1048 AE) is a traveling companion of Devona, Cynn, Eve, and Aidan, whom he had traveled with ever since the Searing. He is in a relationship with Cynn, who is constantly jealous of Mhenlo's Canthan childhood friends. Though not originally confident in his own abilities, his interaction with Cynn is one of the major reasons he becomes more sure of his path in life, and of his own capabilities.

He was the last Tyrian to study at Shing Jea Monastery before it was shut off from foreigners. He is known throughout Cantha, especially by Kurzicks in the Echovald Forest, due to his travels when he was a student. Many Kurzicks had presumed Mhenlo to be dead until he returned to Cantha in 1072 AE to aid Togo in dealing with the return of Shiro Tagachi.

Alongside Aidan, Cynn, and Devona, he met Eve in a graveyard while being chased by Charr, and the group later joined Prince Rurik in an assault against the Charr, eventually joining the Ascalonian migration to KrytaRead more.
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