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Update The latest game update was on October 21, 2020
Update The latest game update was on October 21, 2020
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The world of Tyria is filled with many different races and cultures that practice various religions, ranging from kingdom-wide faiths to small cults found scattered throughout a region. Beliefs of all encountered races are not known to the players (such as the faiths of the Centaur, Dredge, Grawl, and Tengu), but many are thought to have their own faith. Even though the worship of the beings that are both called gods and are such in nature is mostly seen in humans and Forgotten, there are also individuals and groups in other races who worship them.

Throughout the world, there are pockets of small cults and faiths, or faiths combined with others that are not common elsewhere. From the Canthan worship of their ancestors to the humorous stone face worshipers of Istan, minor faiths exist and are commonly ignored… Read more.
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