Norn Catering

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Norn Catering
Section Primary Ebon Vanguard Quests
Storyline Beyond: Hearts of the North
Eye of the North, Factions and Nightfall
Given by Lieutenant Thackeray
in Hall of Monuments
(Far Shiverpeaks)
Preceded by Reunion
Type Primary quest
Alpha Tyrannus map.jpg
Alpha Tyrannus' location from Rata Sum
Elusive Black Moa map.jpg
The Elusive Black Moa's path starting from Durheim Archives.
Ripened Mirage Ibogas map.jpg
The locations of the Ripened Mirage Ibogas in the Garden of Seborhin.

Help prepare Gwen and Keiran's wedding by hunting down some special creatures.

Quest information[edit]




Defeat the targets in any order and return to Thackeray for your reward.

Alpha Tyrannus

Start from either Rata Sum or Tarnished Haven. Despite its high level, the Alpha Tyrannus (and the surrounding dinosaurs) can be easily defeated using standard anti-melee techniques.

The Elusive Black Moa

Start from Durheim Archives. The Elusive Black Moa will escape the first few times you approach, spawning a group of Wardens each time, though most of the groups are easy to avoid because of their location and the delay before spawning (the Wardens are also highly aggressive to the local Mantid). Continue to follow the quest marker until it turns hostile, at which point another Warden group will appear. This moa can be difficult to kill using only spells because it uses Shadow Form.

Ripened Mirage Ibogas

Start from Tihark Orchard. The locations of the Ripened Mirage Ibogas are not indicated by the quest marker, but the map on the right will show you their locations. Their skills are the same as any other Mirage Iboga, but with a slightly higher Illusion Magic attribute. Note that the Garden of Seborhin can only be accessed under certain conditions.




Alcazia Tangle


Mourning Veil Falls


Garden of Seborhin



Initial dialogue[edit]

Keiran Thackeray
"Hello, <character name>, I have something important I would like to ask of you. According to Norn tradition, the families of the betrothed are required to perform certain duties in preparation of the wedding. As you know, Gwen and I both lost our families in The Searing. I have put a great deal of thought into what into what I am about to ask you, but given your history with Gwen and how much you have done for us, I would be honored if you would fulfill these obligations in our families' stead."
"You have always meant a great deal to Gwen; you remind her of life before The Searing. While reminiscences of that time used to bring her nothing but pain and anger, I think she is finally realizing that she should cherish those memories, not suppress them. If you are willing to perform these duties, the first task you must perform is to hunt the greatest and tastiest beasts of Tyria for the wedding feast. After all, if you're going to be honorary Thackeray, you're going to have to live up to our reputation as great hunter!"
"I know it would mean a lot to Gwen and it would mean a great deal to me as well. Are you willing to fill this important role?"
Yes Accept: "It would be my honor.!"
No Decline: "Nice try, but you're not sticking me with the bill!"
Ask Ask: "Thank you again for performing this important task. I hope the beasts I sent you after aren't too much trouble for you!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Keiran Thackeray

"Ah, my good friend returns victorious! And just in time too! Our hosts should be here shortly to gather your catch. Here, please take this for all your troubles; it's the least I can do."

After accepting the reward
Brartak the Glutton: "What have you caught today, my small friends? I could smell the uncooked flesh of your prey from outside the hall! It makes me hunger!"
<Party leader>: "Oh, nothing fancy. Just a prime Tyrannus from deep within the treacherous jungles of the South, a particularly elusive Black Moa from the shadows of the Echovald Forest, and a few Mirage Ibogas (at the perfect stage of ripeness, might I add) from the Garden of Seborhin in Vabbi."
Helga the Cub: "You managed to travel across three continents, hunt these great beasts, and return here in such a short time? Quite impressive! I wish I could hunt as well as you..."
Lieutenant Thackeray: "And you doubted me when I told you who would be hunting!"
Brartak the Glutton: "All I said was that, if you were looking for replacements for your clan, selecting a mighty Norn would make more sense."
Helga the Cub: "He selected those closest to him and his bride. There's more to families than just hunting, despite what my father may say!"
Brartak the Glutton: "Yes, I suppose you're right. Come now, we must bring this food to Olafstead so we can prepare it for the feast."
Helga the Cub: "Fine, but I'm carrying the catch this time. I don't want the food to arrive with teeth marks like before."
Brartak the Glutton: "I am a firm believer that cooking is an optional step in the consumption process."


  • This quest can be completed before or after completing The Wedding.