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Auction or auctioning refers to placing an in-game item or service (e.g., running players through a zone) on sale and allowing potential buyers to place bids in any of a variety of bidding schemes. Auctioning as a service is not provided by the game itself; however, multiple fansites have developed auction sites to support the players trying to sell in-game goods. Buyers typically meet up with sellers in-game to complete the auction transaction via trade.

The following is a list of auction sites that support Guild Wars:

Auctioning is used by a broader number of players than just the auctioneers and the buyers. By browsing auctions, a player can tell the amount of supply and demand for the item as well as what would likely be fair market value given the auctions that are on, the asking prices and the actual bids. Some auction sites also keep records of past sales to help determine the market value of an item.