Mantid Hatchlings

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the quest. For the NPC, see Mantid Hatchling.
Mantid Hatchlings
Section Shing Jea Island Quests
Campaign Factions

(Canthan only)

Given by Instructor Ng
in Monastery Overlook
(Shing Jea Island)
Followed by Seek Out Headmaster Amara
Seek Out Headmaster Greico
Seek Out Headmaster Kaa
Seek Out Headmaster Kuju
Seek Out Headmaster Lee
Seek Out Headmaster Quin
Seek Out Headmaster Vhang
Seek Out Headmaster Zhan
Type Secondary quest

Instructor Ng teaches basic game mechanics to the player, Kisai, and Mai.

Quest information[edit]



  • Meet Instructor Ng at the gate.
  • Defeat [18..0] more mantid hatchlings.
  • See Instructor Ng for your reward.



Follow Instructor Ng and speak to him each time he requests. Kill all the mantids on the way. After you are resurrected at the resurrection shrine, you receive two skills.


Pre-quest dialogue[edit]

Master Togo: "Greetings, students. Welcome to Shing Jea Monastery, Cantha's premiere training academy for young heroes. You have been invited here because you show great promise."
Master Togo: "You may talk to Instructor Ng to learn the basics. Or you may come with me, and we will enter the monastery now."
Instructor Ng: "Come this way if you wish to learn the basics. Simply left-click me and we can speak."
Instructor Ng: "Welcome to Shing Jea Monastery. I am Instructor Ng. I will begin by teaching you a few basic procedures. First, let us discuss moving the camera and looking around. Kisai and Mai, pay close attention while <Character Name> does as I say."
Instructor Ng: "All right, to look around simply hold down the right mouse button while moving the mouse. Try looking behind you, in the direction I am facing."
Instructor Ng: "<Character Name>, whenever you are ready to contine your training, left-click me and we will continue."
Instructor Ng: "Do you see that chest over there? I would like you to walk over and retrieve something from it."
Instructor Ng: "To move around, use the W, A, S, and D keys or click the left mouse button on the spot to which you wish to travel."
Instructor Ng: "Once you are comfortable moving around, go over to the chest and open it by left-clicking it."
Instructor Ng: "As you can see, I left a weapon in the chest for you. Please pick up the weapon by left-clicking it. When you pick up an item, it will automatically go into your backpack."
Instructor Ng: "Now that the weapon is in your Inventory, you can equip it. To open your Inventory, click the Menu button in the lower left corner of the screen, and select Inventory from the menu."
Instructor Ng: "You can also open your Inventory by pressing the "I" key."
Instructor Ng: "<Character Name>, whenever you are ready to continue your training, left-click me and we will continue."
Instructor Ng: "Now that your Inventory is open, you can double-click the weapon to equip it in the appropriate equipment slot."
Mai: "You can also drag the weapon onto the appropriate slot, can you not Instructor Ng?"
Instructor Ng: "Just so, Mai."
Instructor Ng: "Time for your next lesson. The green exclamation point (!) over my head means I have a quest for you. Come and talk to me, and I will tell you more about quests."
Instructor Ng: "Left-click me to speak to me."

If you approach Master Togo.

Master Togo: " all believe that you have no need of the basic lessons, eh? Well, that maybe so...but know this: much will be expected of you in your time here. If you are at all unsure, you may wish to reconsider."
Yijo Tahn: "Yes, Master! I am greatly honored by your confidence in me. I cannot wait to begin my training!"
Lukas: "I just want to slay something!"
Master Togo: "You will have your chance, Lukas. Though I do hope you aspire to greater things."
Taya: "Yes, Lukas, like fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves!"
Master Togo: "Well said, Taya."
Lukas: "Well...that is what I meant, of course."
Master Togo: "I am certain you did."
Yijo Tahn: "Master Togo, if I may be so it true what they say about you and the emperor? That you are related?"
Master Togo: "I prefer not to discuss the matter, Yijo, and in any case, we have arrived at our destination."
Yijo Tahn: "Of course, Master Togo. Forgive me for my forwardness."

Initial dialogue[edit]

Instructor Ng
For this quest, I need your aid in clearing the training grounds here of some annoying mantid hatchlings that have infested the place. But before you can help me, you must formally accept the quest. Please accept this quest now.
Yes Accept: "I'm happy to help."
No Decline: "I don't think so."
Ask Ask: "We must go out and destroy those remaining hatchlings before you can move forward with your training. You do want to enter the monastery, I assume...."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Instructor Ng: "Now that you have accepted the quest, it appears in your Quest Log. To view your Quest Log, click the Menu button in the lower left corner of the screen, and select Quest Log."
Instructor Ng: "You can also view your Quest Log by pressing the "L" key."
Instructor Ng: "<Character Name>, whenever you are ready to continue your training, left-click me and we will continue."
Instructor Ng: "The Quest Log contains information about quests you have accepted but have not yet completed. This information includes specific steps for completing the quest as well as a summary of the quest objective."
Instructor Ng: "Do you see the green starburst on your mini-map? That shows you the location of the next step on your currently selected quest."
Kisai: "Please excuse my interruption, Instructor Ng, but what happens if the goal is not within the scope of the mini-map?"
Instructor Ng: "A good question, Kisai. If the next step is far away, a green arrow in the mini-map will point you in the general direction of your goal. Any other questions?"
Kisai: "Oh, yes, sir! Are mantid hatchlings very large? What do they look like? How fearsome are they? What do they..."
Instructor Ng: "I think those questions will be best answered by seeing one in the flesh, Kisai. Meet me at the gate when you are ready, and we will go and find some."
Instructor Ng: "Through these gates are a number of vicious, bloodthirsty, flesh-eating mantid hatchlings. I will let you face the first one on your own so I can observe your combat technique."
Kisai: "Suddenly, I am not feeling well..."
Instructor Ng: "Do you see that mantid hatchling up ahead? Simply left-click it to begin your attack. Kisai and Mai, stand fast, please. I want to see how <Character Name> handles the situation."
Kisai: "I would not even know how to begin. I will leave it up to <Character Name>!"
Mai: "As you wish, Instructor Ng."
Instructor Ng: "When defeated, creatures drop whatever they are carrying: gold, weapons, and so on. If you are in a group, any gold is divided evenly among group members, while items are randomly assigned to a single group member."
Instructor Ng: "Now, keep moving forward. This time, Kisai and Mai will help you. Remember: however mighty we may become, we must all rely on our allies for support."
Mai: "Let us fight with honor."
Kisai: "I will do my best."
Instructor Ng: "Good work, students. Now, if you will step inside this gate to the next area, we will talk about...death."
Instructor Ng: "<Character Name>, whenever you are ready to continue your training, left-click me and we will continue."
Instructor Ng: "You did very well against those hatchlings, but there will likely be times when things do not go in your favor. Kisai, Mai, <Character Name>: follow me to the resurrection shrine please."
Kisai: "I have a bad feeling about this."
Instructor Ng: "<Character Name>, whenever you are ready to continue your training, left-click me and we will continue."
Instructor Ng: "Resurrection Shrines become active as you near them. If you die, you will be resurrected at the nearest active shrine. You will know that a shrine is active by the glow emanating from it."
Instructor Ng: "Do not worry overmuch, students. Thanks to the resurrection shrine, you will be back soon enough."
Kisai: "With such a powerful tool at our disposal, we will have little to fear in combat!"
Instructor Ng: "Do not become overconfident, Kisai. You may have noticed a box in the upper left-hand corner of your screen that reads "-15%". This is called a Death Penalty."
Instructor Ng: "Each time you die, your maximum Health and Energy are reduced. The limit for this Death Penalty is -60%, which can be quite harsh when you are attempting to battle a difficult foe."
Mai: "Is there no remedy for this Death Penalty?"
Instructor Ng: "As you defeat foes in combat, you will reduce your Death Penalty. Also, visiting a town or other place of rest will fully eliminate your Death Penalty."
Mai: "And if there are no resurrection shrines in the area?"
Instructor Ng: "At times you may undertake dangerous missions that have no resurrection shrines. In such cases, death will require you to restart the mission from the beginning."
Instructor Ng: "It is possible to learn skills to resurrect fallen companions. But first we should concentrate on skills that will keep you alive."
Instructor Ng: "Skills produce a variety of effects, from healing your allies to damaging your foes to allowing you to run more quickly. Using skills effectively is often the key to victory."
Instructor Ng: "I have just given each of you two basic skills from your chosen profession. They should now be equipped in your Skill Bar at the bottom of your screen. To activate a skill, simply left-click it."
Mai: "We can also press the "1" through "8" keys to activate the corresponding skill, is that right Instructor Ng?"
Instructor Ng: "Just so, Mai."
Instructor Ng: "Now that you are suitably prepared for combat, let us go and finish clearing out those mantid hatchlings. Meet me at the gate when you are ready."
Instructor Ng: "<Character Name>, whenever you are ready to continue your training, left-click me and we will continue."
Instructor Ng: "Stop here, and look at your mini-map. You are the green dot in the middle. See the white circle around you? Any aggressive enemy that enters this "Danger Zone" will notice you and become hostile."
Kisai: "Oh! So...those red dots on the map are enemies, right? I was wondering about that."
Instructor Ng: "You are correct, Kisai. Students, proceed."
Instructor Ng: "Be careful, <Character Name>! Remember to watch your Health and use your healing skills when you are wounded."
Instructor Ng: "Very good, students! You are doing well!"
Instructor Ng: "That was the last of them. Now that you have completed your quest, come speak to me for a reward."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Instructor Ng
Excellent work, <Character Name>! I will explain a few last things, and then I believe you are ready to enter the monastery.

Post-reward dialogue[edit]

Instructor Ng: "You have gained a level! Your maximum Health increased and you gained Attribute Points. Do you see the new button that says, "Spend Attribute Points?" Click this button now."
Instructor Ng: "The Skills and Attributes panel lets you spend your attribute points. You can access your Skills and Attributes panel by using the Menu or by pressing the "K" key."
Instructor Ng: "<Character Name>, whenever you are ready to continue your training, left-click me and we will continue."
Instructor Ng: "Each time you gain a level, you gain 5 attribute points. Spend the attribute points to improve your attributes."
Instructor Ng: "Your attributes enhance your combat abilities in many different ways. Move your mouse pointer over an attribute and hover there to learn what it can do for you."
Instructor Ng: "<Character Name>, whenever you are ready to continue your training, left-click me and we will continue."
Instructor Ng: "When in a town or an outpost, you will be able to raise and lower your attributes freely, enabling you to experiment with different values until you find the combination that works the best for you."
Mai: "Instructor Ng, I noticed that when I increased my attributes, some of the number values in my skills changed. attributes can sometimes change the effectiveness of my skills?"
Instructor Ng: "That is correct, Mai. Any green number in a skill description can be improved by raising the related attribute[sic]"
Mai: "So when we gain a level, our Health will increase and we will gain attribute points.... Is there anything else?"
Instructor Ng: "Yes. You will also gain a skill point. Skill points are used to learn additional skills from a skill trainer. You can also gain skill points by completing important missions and quests."
Instructor Ng: "I think you three are ready to enter the monastery now. Follow me."
Instructor Ng: "Speak to Ludo at the monastery entrance and he will admit you. Good luck!"
Kisai: "Do you really think I am ready, Instructor Ng?"
Instructor Ng: "Of course, Kisai. We would not have accepted you here at the monastery if you did not show great potential. These beginning lessons gave you no trouble at all!"
Kisai: "Thank you, Instructor. You are kind."
Mai: "Instructor Ng is right, Kisai. You did well in the lessons. I am sure you have nothing to worry about."
Kisai: "Oh, do you think so? Really? You are not just saying that to make me feel better?"
Mai: "Remember what Instructor Ng said: you would not have been accepted to Shing Jea Monastery if you were only mediocre."
Kisai: "What do you think we will learn first? I hope it is some new spells. Maybe fire spells! Oh, this is so exciting, is it not?"
Mai: "I have heard that the new students get divided by their profession, and then go to meet with their headmaster first. But I suppose we shall find out shortly."


  • Despite Instructor Ng implying he has given Kisai and Mai two skills each, they actually both possess their full starting henchman skill bars, and use them against the two hatchlings before the resurrection shrine as well.
    • Mai also uses Viper's Defense despite usually only gaining that skill at level 10.
Anomaly Anomaly. If you resign while in the area the Krytan loading screen will be seen briefly, then quickly change to the Shing Jea loading screen.


  • You can see Seitung Harbor when standing next to the resurrection shrine while on this quest.