Appearance of the Naga

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Appearance of the Naga
Section Shing Jea Island Quests
Campaign Factions

(Canthan only)

Given by Captain Zinghu
in Shing Jea Monastery
(Shing Jea Island)
Preceded by Primary profession quest:

Warrior The Crop Thieves
Ranger The Yeti Hunt
Monk Seeking a Cure
Necromancer Reaping the Naga
Mesmer Lo Sha's Gift
Elementalist Sparring Elements
Assassin Dual Strike
Ritualist Shackled Spirits

Followed by The Naga Source
Type Secondary quest
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Clear some Nagas from Zen Nai Falls.

Quest Information[edit]



  • Speak with Sister Choi Ju in Tsumei Village to learn more about Zen Nai Falls.
  • Go to Zen Nai Falls and find the Naga that have invaded the area.
  • Scare off the Naga from the area.
  • See Captain Zinghu for your reward.



This quest can be quite tricky, especially at a low level, due to the Naga Witches using Spirit Rift which can cause significant damage if not avoided. It would be a good idea to leave this quest until you are a higher level which makes it a lot easier; but if not just take Taya [Healer Henchman] and Aeson [Spirit Henchman] for maximum healing to survive the high damage per second.

Starting from Tsumei Village will give you more powerful followers, and the road will be shorter. From there just follow the pointer to Lake Puang, killing Nagas as you encounter them. By the time you reach the falls, you're done.





Initial dialogue[edit]

Captain Zinghu

"There are some troubling rumors that Naga have been sighted at Zen Nai Falls. Normally, I would not be overly concerned at their presence, but if they are indeed within close proximity to the falls, they could pose a threat to Cantha's water supply. I am awaiting an important missive from my commander, or I would simply go check on things myself. You would be doing me and your fellow Canthans a great service if you could head to Tsumei Village and seek out Sister Choi Ju, who has extensive knowledge of the area. Perhaps she can provide some information about this Naga threat."
Yes Accept: "Anything to help my fellow Canthans."
No Decline: "Man-sized snakes? I'm out of here!"
Ask Ask: "Why do you dally? Perhaps I did not impress upon you the importance of Zen Nai Falls. Without access to it, we have no water. Now please, go talk to Sister Choi Ju in Tsumei Village and learn more about the Naga threat."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Sister Choi Ju

"Captain Zinghu was wise to send you. The latest information is that the Naga have mapped the area and are using the waters of the Zen Nai to traverse the lands. This is troubling because Cantha has very few rivers, and the Zen Nai is one of our main water sources. If you travel to the falls, you will see a deep hole with steep constructed walls. This connects to all of Cantha by a large subterranean cave system, providing our Canthan citizens with fresh water. If something were to happen to this water source, much of Cantha would be without drinking water."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Captain Zinghu

"Good work, <Player name>! Have you thought about a career in the military? I will inform my commander and your instructors at Shing Jea Monastery of your deeds and let them know our water supply is secured."