Locate Professor Gai

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Locate Professor Gai
Section Primary Quests
Campaign Factions

(Canthan only)

Given by Headmaster Quin
in Shing Jea Monastery
(Shing Jea Island)
Preceded by Seek Out Headmaster Quin,
Speak with Headmaster Quin (Ritualist)
Followed by Minions Gone Wild
Type Primary quest
(Profession: Ritualist primary or Unknown secondary)

Leads new Canthan Ritualists to their first trainer.

Quest information[edit]



Early benefits[edit]



Gai can be found in Sunqua Vale, southwest of the exit from the monastery. Look for Kaabo Cemetery if you have trouble finding him.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Headmaster Quin

The spirits tell me that Professor Gai is ready to begin your training in the Ritualist arts. It seems that some Necromancer or other has left us quite a mess to look after. Not that I am surprised. You'll find Professor Gai in Sunqua Vale.

Yes Accept: "I'll look for Professor Gai."
No Decline: "I'm not ready yet."
Ask Ask: "Just west of town, in Sunqua Vale, is a small cemetery on a hill. Look for Professor Gai there."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Professor Gai

Headmaster Quin believes you are ready for training, does she? Well, the spirits share many things with her that the rest of us cannot conceive. She is fortunate to have such omniscient allies, is she not? Well, we had better commence your indoctrination into the Ritualist arts.