Lost Treasure

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Disambig icon.png This article is about Factions quest. For Eye of the North quest, see Lost Treasure of King Hundar.
Lost Treasure
Section Shing Jea Island Quests
Campaign Factions

(Canthan only)

Given by Raitahn Nem
in Ran Musu Gardens
(Shing Jea Island)
Preceded by Minister Cho's Estate
Type Secondary quest
Lost Treasure map.png
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With the Estate in chaos, Raitahn Nem wants your help for a little treasure hunting.

Quest information[edit]



  • Meet Raitahn Nem inside Minister Cho's Estate.
  • Find Raitahn Nem's treasure.
  • Keep Raitahn Nem alive.
  • See Raitahn Nem for your reward.



This quest starts in Minister Cho's Estate (explorable area), from the northeastern exit from Ran Musu Gardens. Outside, you will meet Raitahn Nem who will join your party as an ally. Follow and defend him all the way to the quest marker. Once you have found Jaje Niya, the two will talk out their dialogue, after which you can speak with Raitahn Nem to obtain your reward.

Additional notes:

  • Nem is on a scripted path, so he is leading you, not the other way around. Be prepared for a wandering route.
  • Keep Nem within earshot at all times. He has been known to disappear entirely if he gets too far from your aggro bubble.
  • Note that he will sometimes pause and yawn. Sometimes he will run back and forth like he's lost. There's nothing to do but wait for him to get motivated onwards again.
  • Nem will often ignore enemies in his path until he has aggroed the next group. Be wary of this, and accept that it will happen.
  • You will be unable to accept the reward for this quest from the version of Nem in Ran Musu Gardens. Either accept the reward when Nem finds his "treasure", or re-enter Minister Cho's Estate while partied with another player who has the quest in their log but has not yet completed it.





Initial dialogue[edit]

Raitahn Nem
"You have been inside the Minister's Estate? If you were able to survive in there, you might be just the person I have been looking for. You see, I know the location of a great...treasure within the estate grounds. Now that the minister's guard is in chaos, a few brave souls might make their way back into the estate and become very...enriched. I am heading in at any rate. Join me if you wish."
Yes Accept: "I like treasure."
No Decline: "I don't trust you."
Ask Ask: "Meet me inside the estate and I will show you the way to the treasure."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Raitahn Nem: "Glad to see you, friend. Follow me...."
Minister's Guard: "Many thanks for your assistance. I have no idea what is happening here.... I was making my rounds as usual, and the next thing I knew my friends were killing one another! It was a bloodbath!"
Raitahn Nem: "This place is even more dangerous than I imagined. Dead guards everywhere.... Keep moving. It is not far now."
Raitahn Nem: "We are almost there. Keep your eyes out for those guards. Something very strange is going on here."
Minister's Guard: "RUN! Run for your lives! They have all gone mad!"
Minister's Guard: "Do not look behind you. Just run! They are coming!"
Raitahn Nem: "Keep up. The treasure is near."
Minister's Guard: "Hito? Hito, is that you?! Are you ill?"
Minister's Guard: "Hito...why are you looking at me like that? Wait...stop! Get away from me! Oh, gods, no!!!"
Minister's Guard: "The world has gone mad! The minister is dead, my closest friend has tried to kill me.... Surely we have descended into the bowels of the Underworld! There is no escape from this darkness.... We are all going to die!!"
Raitahn Nem: "I pray these rampaging guards have not found the...er, the treasure yet..."
Raitahn Nem: "My...the treasure is this way, friend."
Raitahn Nem: "Hurry! They may have her even now!"
Jaje Niya: "My beloved! You came for me! Thank the gods!"
Raitahn Nem: "Precious Treasure! My heart soars to see you safe! I feared the worst. Now let us escape this place.... Ah, a moment, beloved. I must speak to my companion."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Raitahn Nem
"I must level with you, my friend: there is no treasure but my beloved, Jaje Niya. Though her name means Precious Treasure in the ancient tongue, I suppose she is not quite the treasure you were hoping for. I apologize for the deception, but I did not think anyone foolhardy enough to come in here with me simply for the sake of helping me find her. I will not ask more of you, we can find our way back safely. Here is something to compensate you for your trouble."


  • This is the first of the two attribute point quests available for Factions characters. Completion of these quests is necessary to gain the full 200 attribute points for your character. The second quest is An Unwelcome Guest.
  • If Raitahn Nem dies it will cause the quest to fail, and you will need to exit the map and restart it.
Bug Bug.If you run away from Raitahn Nem and kill enemies too early, he will stop moving, making it impossible to complete the quest.
Bug Bug.If you stay too long in the explorable area spawn zone (even if you don't click on him) Raitahn Nem will leave you and do the quest himself causing him to die and the mission to fail.