Rising in the Ranks: Master Sergeant

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Rising in the Ranks: Master Sergeant
Section Istan Quests
Campaign Nightfall

(Elonian only)

Given by Runduk [Sunspear Rank Officer]
in Sunspear Great Hall
Followed by Rising in the Ranks: First Spear
Type Secondary quest

Gain Sunspear Master Sergeant rank, and gain 15 additional attribute points.

Quest Information[edit]



  • Gain the rank of Master Sergeant.
  • Complete quests or help Sunspear scouts with conscription orders to earn Sunspear promotion points.
  • See Runduk [Sunspear Rank Officer] for your reward.



This quest only requires you to obtain Sunspear promotion points.

Throughout the campaign there are resurrection shrines. An NPC can be found at each shrine who can grant a bounty for hunting certain creatures. The bounty normally provides extra experience and, more importantly for this quest, it includes Sunspear promotion points. Gather 100 points to achieve the Master Sergeant level. You can see your progress in your Hero panel; press H to open it, and select the "Titles" tab. As soon as you reach the rank of Master Sergeant your quest log will update and you can go to Runduk to collect your reward.

Accessible secondary quests that provide Sunspear Points[edit]

Kamadan, Jewel of Istan
Plains of Jarin
Sunspear Great Hall
Zehlon Reach
Champion's Dawn
Cliffs of Dohjok


Initial Dialogue[edit]

Runduk [Sunspear Rank Officer]
The Order of the Sunspears rewards honor and bravery. As you progress through your career, not only can you gain new titles, but additional power and, of course, further responsibility. Once you have earned enough promotion points to gain the rank of a Sunspear Master Sergeant, you will earn 15 additional attribute points you can assign however you see fit.
Yes Accept: "Sounds good to me!"
No Decline: "I think I'm already rank enough."
Ask Ask: "I am here if you have any questions about moving up in the ranks of the sunspears. Once you have earned enough promotion points to attain the rank of Sunspear Master Sergeant, return to me."

Reward Dialogue[edit]

Runduk [Sunspear Rank Officer]
Well done, <Character name>! Well done. Pretty soon I'll be saluting you! Congratulations on achieving the rank of Sunspear Master Sergeant.