Proof of Courage

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Proof of Courage
Proof of courage.jpg
Section Istan Quests
Campaign Nightfall

(Elonian only)

Given by Poturi
in Sunspear Great Hall
Type Secondary quest
Corsair chest map.jpg
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Poturi wants you to track down a corsair so that he can retrieve his sword.

Quest information[edit]





Exit the Sunspear Great Hall into the Plains of Jarin with Poturi and travel to where the Wounded Corsair is. There's a surprisingly large group of corsairs around him, so if you're still a low level you may wish to try pulling the groups of four, one by one. Defeat the Wounded Corsair and then interact with the Corsair Chest to receive the Notched Sword. No key is required. Speak with Poturi afterward for your reward.







Initial dialogue[edit]


"The other recruits mock me! They claim I dropped my sword and fled during last night's raid... but it's just not true. I dealt my enemy what was surely a fatal blow... but the filthy corsair ran off with my blade still in his back!
Help me track him so that I may reclaim my weapon and my honor, would you?"
Yes Accept: "I'll give him another wound to match!"
No Decline: "Find him yourself, backstabber."
Ask Ask: "Quickly! I need to retrieve my sword from that pirate if I'm to reclaim my honor!"

Reward dialogue[edit]


"It is good to have my own sword back. No one will dare mock me now. Thank you, <Character Name>!"
Anomaly Anomaly. Although the quest instructs you to retrieve the sword from a corsair, it is actually found in a Corsair Chest that appears near the Wounded Corsair.


  • Although Poturi apparently wielded a sword in battle, he is a monk, and he is shown holding a staff when encountered on the Plains of Jarin.