Suwash the Pirate

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Suwash the Pirate
Section Istan Quests
Campaign Nightfall

(Elonian only)

Given by Sehti
in Sunspear Great Hall
Type Secondary quest
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You talk with Sehti in the Sunspear Great Hall and she tells you that her son Suwash is taken by the Corsairs during the raid on her village. She will ask you to go out and rescue him.

Quest information[edit]



  • Find and defeat the corsair raiding group that took Suwash. You have defeated x of 4 possible groups.
  • Speak with Suwash.
  • See Sehti for your reward.



Head south from the Sunspear Great Hall. Engage groups at points A, B, C, and D. Be careful at each point as you may draw aggro from Stormseed Jacarandas, Preying Lances, Skale, Fanged Iboga, and Irontooth Drakes.

When you reach point D, the group will be slightly larger than the previous three groups, including a level 7 Corsair Bosun. Defeat them, and speak with Suwash. Travel back to the Sunspear Great Hall and speak with Sehti to get your reward.







Initial dialogue[edit]


"Pardon me, <Player name>. You look like a capable and helpful soul.
"My son, Suwash, always played at being a corsair. You know, wearing an eyepatch, refusing to bathe, speaking funny...but he never grew out of it! I told him, "Grow up! Nothing good will come of this childish obsession!" As usual I was right.
"When the corsairs raided our village, they mistook my son as one of their own and dragged him away! The raiding groups were last seen heading southwest. If they find out Suwash isn't really a corsair, his life will be in danger! I beg of you, please rescue him."
Yes Accept: "Don't worry, ma'am. I'll rescue your son."
No Decline: "Mothers shouldn't let their babies grow up to be corsairs."
Ask Ask: "Not to seem ungrateful, but shouldn't you be out saving my son, Suwash, from the corsair raiding groups?"

Intermediate dialogue[edit]


"Yarr.... So t'was me mother what sent ye out to save me? Whiles I 'preciate the effort, I've decided the life o' a corsair 'tis the life for me. And now that ye've slain these scurvy corsairs, I figures their ship'll be the first thing I loot fer me'self. Tell me mother I'll not be back until me name is feared o'er all the lands...or until an 'orrible 'unger comes o'er me...whichever 'appens first."

Reward dialogue[edit]


"He's off to live the life of a corsair you say? Dropping the first letter of certain words? Disgusting! Even in the face of death he refuses to grow up. That's Suwash in a nutshell. Don't you worry about it. He'll be back in time to eat. And then I'll tan his hide a bright shade of red for making me worry. Thank you for saving his life, anyway. Please take this for your trouble."


  • The name "Suwash" is derived from a combination of Wash, and Steve the Pirate, both characters played by the actor Alan Tudyk.
  • The decline dialogue is probably a reference to the country music song "Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys" by Ed Bruce.
  • Suwash is referenced in the Guild Wars 2 meta event An Unlikely Pirate.