Armored Transport

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Armored Transport
Section Istan Quests
Campaign Nightfall

(Elonian only)

Given by Mehinu
in Kamadan, Jewel of Istan
Followed by Missing Shipment
Type Secondary quest
Menihu in Kamadan.png
Location of Mehinu in Kamadan

Mehinu the armorer asks you to escort Dengo on his trip to the Sunspear Great Hall.

Quest information[edit]



  • Meet with Dengo on the Plains of Jarin.
  • Protect Dengo from corsair attacks as you travel to the Sunspear Great Hall.
  • See Mehinu for your reward.



Exit Kamadan through the gate leading to the Plains of Jarin. Dengo will be standing around in the open, waiting for you. Speak to him and he'll take off in the direction of the Sunspear Great Hall, taking regular stops to catch his breath (you can also use this emote yourself: type "/catchbreath"). At the middle of the journey, he'll yell and you'll have to deal with a wave of four, low-level Corsairs. Keep following him as he proceeds towards his destination. Remember to wait for the quest to update before leaving this area or you will have to restart from Kamadan.





Humans (Corsairs)


Initial dialogue[edit]

"Hey, I need some serious muscle for a job, but I guess you'll do. The recent corsair raids have made it difficult to import or export goods, and I need to get these shipments out. I have some new armor pieces that must get through to the Sunspear Great Hall. Those corsairs don't scare me, but I've got a shop to run. I can't go gallivanting all over the place. Do you think you can escort my courier, Dengo, through the Plains of Jarin and protect him from any troublemaker corsairs?"
Yes Accept: "I'm not scared of corsairs, either!"
No Decline: "Corsairs, huh? Hey! What's that behind you?"
Ask Ask: "Meet up with my courier Dengo on the Plains of Jarin and protect him from attacks on his way to the Sunspear Great Hall."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

"Mehinu sent you? Well, I guess you must be tougher than you look. I'm Dengo, Mehinu's assistant and courier. The roads have gotten really dangerous lately with so much corsair raiding. I heard a rumor that there's a single corsair leader uniting all of the corsair guilds. It would be a real mess if that ever happened. Anyhow, we should probably get moving."

When corsairs attack:

Dengo: "Watch out! Here come those wretched corsairs."

Outside of the Sunspear Great Hall:

Dengo: "Finally! We made it! Thanks for your help. I never would have made it without you. Now to get all this armor delivered."

Reward dialogue[edit]

"Those corsairs didn't give you too much trouble did they? Good to know you can handle yourself. And thank you for watching over Dengo. He's a hard worker but a terrible fighter. Take these materials as payment for a job well done. Just so you know, that's enough to craft a rather nice piece of armor. If you want, I can use it to craft you something…a helmet, leggings, a pair of gloves…you name it."


  • Combines well with Quality Steel and Map-Travel Inventor.
  • If you travel north-northwest from where the corsairs attack you, you may find another group or two apparently hanging around, maybe as backup for the first wave.
Bug Bug.Sometimes the corsairs that run at you while on the plains will run away as soon as they reach your aggro radius, making you run after them until they stop. Then you can kill them. (Example)
Bug Bug.After killing the corsairs, Dengo sometimes will not move, forcing you to restart the quest.