Scholarly Affairs

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Scholarly Affairs
Section Istan Quests
Campaign Nightfall

(Elonian only)

Given by Mofuun
in Champion's Dawn
Type Secondary quest

Mofuun in Champion's Dawn asks you to escort a scholar to Jokanur Diggings. The scholar, Zerai the Learner, asks if you can do him a favor while on route.

Quest information[edit]





After entering the area go to Zerai and talk to him, he will now start following you. You don't have to worry much about him since he will not be attacked. Now follow the road westwards. you will find the Beautiful Iboga along the path.

The Beautiful Iboga are level 10 and are in groups of 3 each. Make sure you can kill them fast since they are of the Mesmer profession. More healing does not work too well against Mesmers, faster killing is most of the time the key in beating them. A skill to remove Hexes is a good thing to have in your skillbar while doing this quest.

Make sure to take the most Northern path westwards.

If Zerai gets stuck along the way, just go back and move around him for a bit he will get unstuck again and follow once more. When you arrive at the portal of Jokanur Diggings, make sure to wait for the Quest log to update before going through the portal (the game is prone to not registering this part, make sure you res any dead party members before walking up to the gate of the diggings!). Last but not least, collect your reward from Midauha.

If you get to the entrance to Jokanur Diggings and you don't have all 12 blossoms, you can still take Zerai there and then enter Jokanur Diggings. The quest will update that you have escorted him. Now all you need are the other blossoms and you can simply re-enter the Cliffs of Dohjok, find enough blossoms, then map to Jokanur Diggings for the reward.







Initial dialogue[edit]


"You there, Sunspear, you're not busy, are you? An important delegate representing Mehtu the Wise is waiting right outside. Don't you know about Mehtu, the Scholar Prince of Vabbi? This researcher works for him, and is in need of an escort to excavations in Jokanur Diggings. You would be doing Istan a great service in its relations with Vabbi if you could help out. What say you?"
Yes Accept: "Finally! An easy job."
No Decline: "I don't fear death...but I do fear politics."
Ask Ask: "Meet with Zerai the Learner on the Cliffs of Dohjok and escort him into the excavations in Jokanur Diggings."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Zerai the Learner (outside of Champion's Dawn)

"Ahai! I am Zerai, and I've come all the way from the great library at the Halls of Chokhin to represent Prince Mehtu the Wise in the Vabbian delegation. While here in Istan I want to meet with a fellow scholar of mine in Jokanur Diggings. Her name is Midauha...she's...she' Brilliant, lovely, clever...she's an astronomer, and I'd love to spend some time discussing research with her. But before we head over there, I have a small favor to ask. Would you help me collect 12 iboga blossoms by slaying the Beautiful Iboga in this area? They have a very specimen...that I'd like to provide for my colleague."

After collecting the blossoms

Zerai the Learner: "A dozen of these iboga blossoms should be perfect. Let's head over to the excavations now."
Zerai the Learner: "Thank you for your help. The kindness of the Istani never ceases to amaze me. One last thing. Could you give the...plant specimens to Midauha at the excavations. I must rush off now to have a scholarly discussion and I don't have room in my bag to carry them. And...well, to be honest, I'm shy. Thank you! May we meet again, noble Sunspear."

Reward dialogue[edit]


"Zerai told you to bring me these? He is such a sweetheart! He knows I love iboga blossoms. The chemical makeup of this particular bloom is magnificient! It's unfortunate that Zerai had to leave. We only had a short time to...uh...discuss my research thesis. Well if you see him again, please let him know I'm always up for another...academic debate."


Anomaly Anomaly. If Zerai the Learner is left too far behind, it will cause him to stop moving. The only way to make him follow you again is to get within range of where he stopped.